Richard Seymour’s lies:

At 3:16pm on Friday 15 March 2013, Richard Seymour’s network posted a dozen names of members of the Socialist Worker Student Society at Leeds University. They tell us they have disaffiliated from the SWP. However, they are asking people to contact them via a link that (according to their blog profile) is an email address for a blog run by and for members of the SWP. That is very odd. They also seem to have chosen an email address that implies they are the officially recognised international organisation to which the SWP is affiliated. I wonder why they are pulling that shit. Probably just a shower of lying bastards.

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One Response to Richard Seymour’s lies:

  1. There might be a less paranoid explanation, Tom, such as you might have made a simple mistake. The contact address is:

    which doesn’t seem to match your description of it.

    Or, did I misunderstand you?


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