Phil Burton-Cartledge and the witch hunt against the SWP:


John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain

EDDIE TRUMAN cardinal keith o-brien criminal

Convicted pedophile defended by John Chamberlain

Convicted pedophile defended by John Chamberlain

Phil Burton-Cartledge plays a key role in the unfolding witch hunting against the Socialist Workers Party, its allies in TUSC, and the Marxist left generally.

This former bag carrier for Blairite MP Tristram Hunt is on record as calling for the sabotaging of trade union resistance to the victimisation of SWP members driven from their jobs by the bosses.

This one time ultra-hard ‘Leninist’, now passionate enthusiast for Eduard Bernstein’s revisionism has published the full names of what his political allies refer to as the ‘500 pieces of shit’. The employers will find Phil’s blog very useful, which is of course exactly what he wants to be to these parasites.

Phil Burton-Cartledge smears SWP members who have consensual sex with adults above the age of consent. He claims he only wants to protect 19 year old women from themselves. Just because the law says 19 year old women have a legal right to engage in sexual and romantic relationships with anyone they please on a consensual basis, Phil simply refuses to accept that this can stand in his way of trying to whip up lynch mobs of Rebekah Brooks type thugs to have a go at those who have consensual sex with 19 year old women.

Phil Burton-Cartledge is a massive hypocrite, and I am about to justify this. Like his now political ally Richard Seymour, Phil acted as a spy for John Chamberlain’s ‘organisation’. That ‘organisation’ is of course little more than a website set up to foment division and paranoia amongst every fragment of the activist left.

Phil was a long term double agent while passing himself as his alter go ‘Phil Hamilton’. He spied on members of Peter Taaffe’s Socialist Party alongside two other spies, Harry Paterson and Laurie Coombes. Richard Seymour obviously performed the same task vis-a-vis the SWP.

I cannot say for certain that Richard Seymour actually joined the CPGB. Actually, it is a safe bet to rule out such a possibility. Their politics far from gel. I don’t think Chamberlain is so desperate as to recruit someone who would challenge him on a broad range of fronts. Neither Richard nor John cared about how little they had in common. They bigged each other up in order to destroy their mutual enemy: the Socialist Workers Party.

Nevertheless, both Phil and Richard posed as having loyalties to one organisation while each worked for John Chamberlain. What is not in doubt is that Chamberlain supports the ‘right’ of adults having sex with twelve year old boys and girls. Isn’t it odd that neither Richard Seymour nor Phil Burton-Cartledge want to remind the readers of their respective blogs about that?

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