John Wight’s article on Bedroom Tax and left unity:

I found on a blog whose name I am not going to mention an article I supported 100%. I could not tell who wrote it, but it had been put together by someone who clearly stood shoulder to shoulder with Tommy Sheridan.

All the evidence was that it had been penned by John Wight. He has a trademark writing style which I have always liked very much. But I have seen other’s who have had their names added to articles on that blog only to discover that it had indeed been written by someone else.

I decided I wanted to get this article to as many people as possible, and as fast as possible. That is why I didn’t wait to ask permission to pass it on. I assumed that if John Wight had written it he would not object to my sharing it. I hope I was right in taking that as a given. Either way, I am more than happy to pass on the fact that this article was written by John Wight and have made that clear now by changing the heading of this blog post, which remains 100% John’s work.

Prior to the witch hunting of members of the SWP and the SP, I almost certainly would simply have provided a link the the blog I found it on. However, notwithstanding the fact that John posts there regularly, I do not care much for that blog anymore. It is of course mutual. John Wight is pretty much the only good thing I can find there these days, apart from rare contributions from a handful of others, mostly members of TUSC.

It was never my intention to take the credit for this article. Now that it is clear that it was John Wight who wrote it, as I expected it was, I want to take this opportunity to thank him for writing it.

I hope John won’t mind my adding it to my blog. If he wants me to provide a link to the another version of it (his own blog if he has one), I am more than happy to do that. I do hope the only other version of the article does not force me to provide a link to the blog that I found it on.

If John asks me to take it down then I will do that.

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