Another useful comment on the need for due process:

  • I was concerned by the apparent attitude of ‘a woman makes allegations of domestic violence so she should be believed’ from certain posters on this site, and that of those posting on the site of Mr Hedley’s accuser.
  • Allegations should be taken extremely seriously without any assumption of guilt or innocence until all the evidence has been heard by the relevant institutions.
  • It’s quite clear that posting on the allegations on this site would lead to far more people becoming aware of it, and then giving their opinion on the matter. At the same time the investigation is still going on, and where the accused, and the RMT, are not in a position to defend themselves.
  • I would have thought that before putting link up, the accused would have been contacted to give their version, and if for legal reasons they were unable to, then this blog which framed the accusations within wider questioning of how institutions dealt with such issues have posted nothing at least until the RMT had ruled on it.
  • On reflection, I think an apology from this site to Mr Hedley should be forthcoming for this.
  • Of course, this should in no way prevent debate about how unions or left wing parties deal or should deal with the issue of domestic violence.
  • Posted by Howard Kirk 29 March, 2013 at 3:36 pm
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