Expose Andy Newman’s incitement of vigilante justice:

Andy Newman, Tony Collins and Phil Burton-Cartledge allowed 173 comments on their blog post smearing Steve Hedley as a violent abuser of women. Looks like some of them are starting to feel a little guilty for jumping to conclusions. What a pity they couldn’t work that out for themselves a long time ago. That would save us all a lot of trouble, and at least one of us considerable distress.

The attitude of Andy Newman, Phil Burton-Cartledge and Tony Collins to allegations of male-on-female violence is that accusations are all the evidence that is needed. That is an utterly pathetic attitude for any so-called democrat to adopt. I don’t just say that because I am male.

Women have brothers. They have fathers, and sons too. They have boyfriends, workmates, neighbours. Even women who have none of these still no more want to see innocent men languish in jail to be brutally gang raped than I do.

Of course we do need to work out means of securing justice for all women who are victims of these crimes. But we don’t help them by locking up innocent people.

Anyone who denies the accused due process knows they are inciting the state to lock up innocent people. Any so-called socialist who sinks so low is knowingly helping the capitalist state no end. If they get their way, the socialist movement surrenders all protection it can possibly have against the threat of honey traps to smash our movement to pieces.

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