Chris Bambery sews seeds of disunity over the Bedroom Tax:

Chris Bambery: agent provocateur

Chris Bambery: agent provocateur

Tony Collins favorite member of the Socialist Party (Manzil) is, yet again, smearing his own comrades, this time in Scotland. He smears them and everyone else who works alongside them in Solidarity, the nearest thing we have to TUSC north of the border. Manzil blames Tommy Sheridan and his supporters for the outrageous disruptive behavior of Chris Bambery’s supporters at the anti-Bedroom Tax protests in Glasgow yesterday.

I’d like to remind everyone that Chris Bambery posed as a supporter of Tommy Sheridan, handpicked by BBC Scotland to allow them to pose as balanced while they allowed Rosie Kane yet another party political broadcast.

Chris Bambery, who was a member of the SWP’s central committee at the time, lost no time in agreeing with Rosie Kane that she had told the truth under oath, simultaneously telling tens of thousands of BBC license fee payers that two members of the SWP had committed perjury. Exactly what kind of SWP member does that, ‘comrade’ Bambery? I would suggest that you acted as an agent provocateur. I know that, and so do you.

What else has Chris Bambery been up to of late? He has been playing a key role in denying Julian Assange a fair trial, denouncing everyone who doesn’t accept that he has already been proven a rapist beyond all reasonable doubt is a rape apologist: With friends like the ISG.

What is Chris Bambery’s latest reactionary stunt? He lead his supporters onto the Bedroom Tax demonstration yesterday specifically to provoke fisticuffs with members of the Socialist Workers Party, and with every other supporter of Tommy Sheridan and the Socialist Party, including those who Bambery tried to frame with perjury.

This is the insane lynch mob mentality that has infected a significant group of sectarians for whom there is no such thing as a false allegation of sex crimes. These people are idiots. They are dangerous idiots. And they have to be exposed as such and put back into their box.

Chris Bambery, the AWL, and others are going around the universities and trade unions trying to sign everyone up to a badly drafted petition that insists that anyone who refuses to embrace a project that denies all men a fair trial is by definition a rape apologist!

Everyone who signs such a petition and/or votes to no-platform those who refuse to sign it have automatically made themselves ineligible for jury service. To serve on a jury, you need an open mind. You cannot enter a trial with a prejudiced mind, comrades. All Chris Bambery’s witch hunters do precisely that. They do it with Julian Assange. They do it with any member of the SWP who they care to frame. And the ludicrous leader of their group (Chris Bambery) tried to help the state frame leading members of the SWP while he was on its central committee!

Chris Bambery is a tool of the British state. I know it and he knows that I know it. The sooner the rest of the labour movement wakes up to that fact the better.

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