Left Unity against the witch hunts:

I tried to leave this comment on the Independent Socialist Network‘s blog about Heather Downs witch hunting motion. It seems the ISN is not open for business when it comes to comments at the moment:

  • I’m glad Heather Downs motion was withdrawn by the mover. A petition that is being passed around trade unions, universities and colleges etc is being used to witch hunt comrades, including the majority of TUSC members. Some of those behind that petition have been caught trying to disrupt united anti-Bedroom Tax demonstrations and meetings. This is disgraceful.
  • There is no way can any socialist sign up to a petition that says the accused has to be denied a fair trial. And that is precisely what we get when we deny the possibility that an allegation has been raised maliciously, for motives we cannot know in advance, that can only come out in open court, and weighed up by a jury of one’s peers.
  • Every defense lawyer will use all such petitions and motions to keep socialists off jury service since signatories to that petition are effectively boasting about how they enter trials with their minds already made up regardless of any evidence one way or the other, of testimony offered under cross examination of everyone involved in a case.
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