Left Unity of the 99% against David Cameron’s 1%:



The on-line petition calling on Iain Duncan Smith to eat his own words, to prove he can live on £53 per week, has snowballed. What is going on here?

Thirst for socialist politics is out there. David Cameron leads a government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires. We are told by the official mass media (broadcast and print alike) that the government’s policies are popular, at least when it comes to hounding the most vulnerable sections of society.

What is patently true is that it is not just Tory and Lib Dem MPs whose strings are pulled by the richest 1%. The same holds for the editors of the official mass media. Sure, they might back-peddle every now and then on one issue or another: Rupert Murdoch’s hacks do this when they want to remind David Cameron how much he needs them. The so-called liberal end of the market exploits the deep unpopularity of some policies to help the Labour Party. But this rhetoric is skin deep.

No way am I saying that all the journalists at the Guardian and Independent merely tap into a deep well of alienation from the millionaires for purely electoral reasons, in the hope of helping Labour at the polls. Of course not. But very few (if any) are allowed to explain in depth in their columns that society needs a thorough-going, radical redistribution of wealth and power from the rich to the poor. A simple marginal rise in income tax for the very rich is nowhere near good enough. Confiscation of large scale assets which are, let’s face it, ill-gotten gains, passed down from generation to generation of parasites…. That is what we need.

When it comes to economic growth, the time has come to remove the veto from the property-owning classes. Whether the capitalists, private landlords or bankers can make a profit or not from essential social investment and investment in the economic infrastructure is utterly irrelevant to the rest of us.

The ninety nine percent cannot, must not, and will not allow the parasitic classes starve to death. We are opposed to sadistic revenge for all the misery they have inflicted on us, our children, parents, grand parents and all our ancestors, going back through recorded history.

But neither are we going to sit back and allow the employers to starve us or anyone else. We are not going to let private landlords, in cahoots with George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith, make us homeless so their children can buy cheap second homes. If David Cameron and Nick Clegg imagine we will let them deprive us of our pensions, pushing the infirm up to – and beyond – the suicide precipice, they can go home and think again.

Will all those who signed up to the on-line petition to force Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 per week for a limited period agree with Karl Marx’s theories of surplus value? Probably not. However, in the real world experience teaches us a lot. When push comes to shove, necessity is the mother of invention. Socialist ideas of radical redistribution of wealth and power is back on the political agenda. And there is absolutely nothing that Ed Miliband or his Shadow Cabinet can do to put that genie back in the bottle.

We, the 99%, can see from Cyprus, Greece etc that there are choices to be made: who exactly is going to pay for the mess we are in? Socialists are pushing against an open door when it comes to propaganda about a radical redistribution of wealth and power from the rich to the poor. The massive popularity of the IDS on-line petition is merely one symptom of a much wider alienation of the masses from official politics. It is a sign of things to come. Anyone with half a brain can see that.

What we are witnessing with this petition is the exact opposite of what Nigel Farage’s UKIP believes is popular today, and with the lessons learnt by the official media to the rise of UKIP.

Rupert Murdoch abandon Alex Salmond’s SNP. Why? He needed him to see him through this Leveson inquiry, and friends were hard to come by. But he thinks he has seen that off, thanks to some stupidity of those who wanted to rein in the power of billionaire press barons. It is crystal clear that most of those involved in the yes-to-independence campaign want considerably more universality, much more radical wealth redistribution to pay for that than does the centre of gravity of the no-campaign. Promises of cuts in corporation tax are no longer enough for News International’s numero uno briber of corrupt cops.

Rupert Murdoch wants to use the flat-rate tax, ultra-Thatcherites, back-to-basics moralists of UKIP. But the on-line poll on IDS reminds us all that the official media are utterly insensitive to what is going on out there in the real world.

Socialists need to bank the wonderful support for this petition. However, like a left-wing Oliver Twist, we need to ask if we can please have some more. What will be our reward for doing that, comrades? Maybe socialists of a Marxist bent will be proven to have been over-pessimistic. Maybe the richest 1% will happily agree to the kind of wealth redistribution we need to get economic growth, to get us all out of the economic crisis caused by the capitalists themselves. On the other hand, maybe we just might have to band together to protect ourselves. Maybe we are going to need mass civil disobedience. Maybe we will need political strikes. Maybe the future for us all is to act less like Oliver Twist and more like the army of Spartacus.

Sign the petition to make Iain Duncan Smith live on £53 per week: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/iain-duncan-smith-iain-duncan-smith-to-live-on-53-a-week?utm_campaign=action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition#

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