The Independent Socialist Network and democratic debate:

If there is going to be genuine left unity, we need to have debate. It is starting to look like the Independent Socialist Network are no longer up for such debate. I have left this comment on their blog and, as expected, they are refusing to let it through:

  • I have written many comments for this blog that don’t seem to be getting through anymore. I have been offered no explanation. Not expecting such censorship from a group claiming to defend democracy, I was given a false sense of security which lead to a lot of my time being wasted drafting a contribution for it to vanish entirely into cyberspace. The ISN needs to decide whether it wants to democratic debate or not. I have written my response to this post about class, and I have put it on my blog. I don’t expect the ISN will let my critique through. However, on the off chance that you will, here is a link to my blog:
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