The voters cannot afford capitalism:

The broadcast and print media is owned by multi-millionaires. There is no free press in a capitalist society. Twitter is free. Social media allows me to have a voice, to engage with others by means of a simple #hashtag. I retweet those I like and others retweet some of what I say that they like. And the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News are outraged that their priorities tend not to be those of their viewers. Does that stop them peddling propaganda on behalf of profiteering parasites? Does it fuck. They carry on regardless, heads in the sand, desperately hoping we will all go away. Well, we won’t.

Nevertheless, the unremitting bombardment of billionaire bullshit that is Britain’s print and broadcasting media is not without an effect on the voters. Those who edit these programmes and newspapers know that if you throw enough mud some of it will stick. They also know that capitalism is up shit creek without a paddle. These editors and their proprietors are terrified that profiteers are being caught with their pants down, their hands in the cooky jar. They have gambled away all our pensions. They have sold off the family silver, to themselves at bargain basement prices, effectively theft, corruption, Thatcherite privatisation. Banking has been little more than a series of pyramid schemes for upperclass idiots, games to while away the hours as they got high on champagne and cocaine.

What can we do about these people? According to the mass media, we can do nothing. The super-rich omnishambling wankers cannot be taxed until the pips squeak, imposing wealth taxes to take back their ill-gotten gains, because if we go down that road they might flee abroad.

The problem for David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch, Silvio Berlusconi, etc is that the people of planet Earth are all after these rich parasites, not simply us Brits. The workers of the world can unite, for we have nothing to lose but our chains. If the surplus value vampires (aka the capitalists) fuck off abroad, then we will expect our brothers and sisters to extradite them to face the music back home, and we’ll do the same for them. Whether we have to wait to put them on trial or not, we can certainly unite across borders to defend each other when it comes to their robbery of national assets. These assets of the capitalists can be seized by the people, nationalized under democratic control, the expropriators expropriated.

The BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News etc all try to protect their owners by victimizing scapegoats for the crisis our class suffers. The editors at these stations are paid handsomely to spread lies to foment divide and rule infighting to distract, disunite and demoralise the exploited and oppressed. That is their strategy for stopping us dealing with the source of our misery, that being the super-rich proprietors who are effectively bribing these editors.

Profit is derived from surplus value. The mass media simply lie about that, those that are not simply too stupid and ignorant to understand reality. These editors refuse to even acknowledge that a scientific theory exists that exposes the parasitic nature of capitalism. Their unremitting censorship of Marxist voices in the mass media is as pernicious as The Pope’s house arrest of Galileo to stop him exposing the house of cards of religious hostility to facts and logic.

Capitalism, it has to be understood, is fueled by unpaid labour. No society can be democratic so long as a tiny elite ensures that extreme and obscene wealth cascades down the generations simultaneous to poverty doing the same amongst the overwhelming majority. There do exist significant numbers belonging to middle class social groups. These individuals can become fodder for either the working class or the ruling class. The latter is what we get when middle class desperation during economic crises force them into stark choices, and that is when fascists can get a hearing. However, these middle classes need not necessarily be pushed in an extreme right-wing direction. But it is inevitable unless the working class goes for the political jugular of the capitalist parasites. No violence is necessary. What we need is for those who have lived off unearned income to give back what they have stolen from society over generations. That is why we need radical redistribution, which necessarily requires wealth taxes as well as income tax.

Even if it was not a case of economic justice, there are other factors involved that explain the bankruptcy of the capitalist system. Private ownership of the means of production is not simply a question of rich parasites making money simply because they have money to begin with while the everwhelming majority do not. Mass nationalisation under democratic control is also essential to remove the illegitimate veto from these parasites when it comes to human rights. Who cares whether the capitalists can make profits from socially necessary investment to give people homes, for example? If the profiteers cannot make a profit, then who gives a damn?

Society needs public investment to create growth. If capitalists don’t like that then they can vote against it: one person, one vote. What the capitalists cannot be allowed to do is deny the voters the debate we need to discuss the pros and cons of a genuinely democratic socialist system versus the parasitic anarchy of capitalism.

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