Andy Newman joins hands with Phil Burton-Cartledge to defend Howie’s Corner:

  • Nick Wright: This particular blog is an unashamedly electoral vehicle for a right wing group grouplet in PCS who can never find a good reason to take in industrial action but always find something to criticise when it does take place.

  • That is as maybe, but in the tradition of stopped clocks, their reservations about the current industrial strategy of the PCS does have some resonance with my observations.
  • I am fearful that there is a danger of PCS becoming isolated and out on a limb, through a series of what seem like poorly supported one day strikes combined with rhetoric about a general stike, for which the preconditions don’t exist.
  • Posted by Andy Newman 8 April, 2013 at 7:54 am

What a pity that Andy Newman ‘forgot’ to explain exactly what Phil Burton-Cartledge had been defending as part of the ludicrously named ‘Socialist Unity’ blog. This individual (Howie) is opposed to mass strikes as a matter of principle. He generalizes from the defeat of 1926 general strike (caused by the heroes of Howie, of Phil Burton-Cartledge and of Andy Newman) to explain that political strikes cannot possibly succeed. Howie complains about Marxists. So the best blogs these idiotic cheerleaders for Ed Miliband can find these days are those who are explicitly anti-Marxist!

I do hope that Ken Loach keeps all this in mind when he tries to put together a credible alternative to Ed Miliband’s party. Marxism is the future of the workers movement. Eduard Bernstein, Ramsay MacDonald and Ed Miliband are pathetic dinosaurs of the pre-socialist movement.

Andy Newman and Phil Burton-Cartledge have both pitched their tent on the wrong side of the ideological barricades alongside ‘Howie’ and all the rest of the wretched witch hunters of the left in the PCS and throughout the trade union movement.

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