Who is Phil Burton-Cartledge’s latest hero?

A cursory glance at the bullshit smeared all over Howie’s Corner was enough to confirm just how far Phil Burton-Cartledge had strayed from his ‘Leninist’ roots. Given that fact he has come out as a cheerleader for the father of revisionism, the end of the socialist road to socialism, the scourge of all Marxists from the turn of the twentieth century ever since, I wondered if comrade Burton-Cartledge could move any further rightwards. Apparently he can. His latest hero has been exposed on Andy Newman’s blog thus:

  • “Howie’s Corner is not ‘unaligned’, at least not as far as PCS is concerned. The author is a candidate every year in the PCS elections of the ’4themembers’ group in PCS, which has opposed Mark Serwotka and virtually every progressive change to the union since the old ‘Moderate’ (right wing) group was defeated after the attempted coup against Serwotka’s election. They also attempt some sort of ‘red scare’ tactics every year. You do not have to agree with every twist and turn of the dominant Left Unity faction in PCS to see that ‘Howie’s Corner’ represents the old form of conservative Labour-loyal trade unionism and thus a complete dead end.” [ Nick Bird 7 April, 2013 at 5:51 pm]
  • Howie’s Corner is in a very unsavoury tradition of civil service union politics which combines gossip and personal attacks with a mish mash of right wing populist sloganeering (sometimes combined with unprincipled alignments with the dafter elements of the ultra left).
    This particular blog is an unashamedly electoral vehicle for a right wing group grouplet in PCS who can never find a good reason to take in industrial action but always find something to criticise when it does take place.

    Posted by Nick Wright 7 April, 2013 at 11:53 pm

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