Glenda Jackson wakes us up from a nightmare – Thatcher’s Bullshit Parliament:

I guess we're not in Thatcher's Bullshitland anymore

I guess we’re not in Thatcher’s Bullshitland anymore


When Tory bastards try to smear socialists for downloading “Ding Ding, the Witch is Dead” to get it to the top of the UK charts, we need to remind them about one or two things.

Firstly, kindly point out to those lying idiots that in the Wizard of Oz it was made clear (as this clip proves) that there are good as well as bad witches. Point out to them that in the movie and the books witches can be beautiful as well as ugly. There is nothing in the least bit misogynist about referring to Margaret Thatcher as a witch, and all the Tories who pretend otherwise are simply lying through their teeth.

The left supports those who call themselves witches as having exactly the same rights to practice their faith as Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindis, Muslims and everyone else. The left rejects persecution for those practicing pagan rights or any other beliefs that we don’t share. The left exposes witch hunters. We condemn those who burnt so-called witches at the stakes regardless of whether the women did or did not practice “black magic”.

‘Glinda’ Jackson took millions of viewers over the rainbow in the House of Commons yesterday. She did that by introducing the first (and pretty much the only) piece of sanity to these disgusting proceedings paid for by those of us suffering austerity to pay for George Osborne’s tax cuts for the super-rich and subsidies for second homes for the idiot children of the super rich. As if that wasn’t enough, those of us driven into suicide or homelessness and are having to pay for 600 overpaid MPs to return home a few days early to ‘earn’ thousands of pounds to say nice things about Maggie Thatcher, the Milk Snatcher.

Ed Miliband’s attempt to dignify this obscene spectacle by giving a lead to his MPs, effectively intimidating his left-wing into boycott because they couldn’t stomach all this bullshit on behalf of a disgusting supporter of apartheid who dismissed Nelson Mandela as a terrorist who should die in prison (while her supporters in the universities called for him to be hung!), who supported General Pinochet, the fascist butcher responsible for murder of the democratically elected socialist in Chile and thousands of his supporters, the friend of Britain’s biggest child rapist, Jimmy Savile (with Margaret Thatcher’s personal friendship almost certainly the key factor in seeing to it that the police turned a blind eye to the evidence staring everyone in the face), butcher of civil liberties, of trade union rights to organise resistance to every increase in the rate of exploitation of the richest 1%, a class of parasites whose gross incompetence created a global economy run like a pyramid scheme, removing so-called red tape which was in reality essential health and safety regulation for workers and public alike, intimidating whistle-blowers…

Socialists need to resist all the lying bastards who stood in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon alongside the ghost of Margaret Thatcher and everything she stood for. Those standing shoulder to shoulder with her includes that nasty and utterly corrupt war criminal Tony Blair. And, alas, we can expect precious little help from the so-called leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Ed Miliband.

Thank you, Glenda Jackson. Thank you for waking millions of us up from the nightmare that was the tributes to a class warrior who reveled in death and destruction. Thank you for taking us over the rainbow.

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