The truth about Margaret Thatcher that the BBC won’t let you hear:

Resist Maggie Thatcher's sycophants at SKY News, the BBC and Channel Four News

Resist Maggie Thatcher’s sycophants at SKY News, the BBC and Channel Four News

Here we find Max Keiser telling the British people part of the truth about Margaret Thatcher and Thatcherism. What we have here are pertinent truths tippexed out of the history books by the BBC, SKY, Channel Four News. This is a mere taster for what the British people are legitimately protesting against.

Max Keiser only has time to touch on a tiny part of what has motivated so many of us to download Ding-Dong, The Witch Is Dead. There is so much of it, and it explains why we find civilized people dancing on the grave of someone so recently dead, not even buried yet.

We have here our explanation for why any minute’s silence for Margaret Thatcher at football stadiums would erupt spontaneously into chants of MAGGIE MAGGIE MAGGIE: OUT, OUT, OUT.

What Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert say here is merely the tip of the iceberg of the truth that the British broadcasters refuse to tell the voters, the license fee payers. These Thatcherite bastards hope we will forget, or hope we never have gotten to hear about it in the first place. And those who have had to make do with the British mass media will be kept in ignorance forever and a day. And that is why we cannot rely on it.

This bullshit shoveled into our living rooms by David Cameron’s creeps, Nick Clegg’s creeps, Ed Miliband’s cowardly Blairites liars, the BBC, Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News etc will not go unnoticed. Labour MPs were particularly appalling: their only role in parliament on the day of the sycophantic eulogies was to help Glenda Jackson shine all more brightly as a candle of truth burning inside a parliament of crap.

The establishment (including the Labour leadership) can lie as much as they like. All they are doing is stoking the flames of new spontaneous explosions of anger. In other words, riots. They would know that if they were not so stupid. Alas, many of these people are stupid. Unbelievably so. They are going to be held responsible for the negative aspects of such explosions of anger, all the luddism, looting, mindless violence. If the BBC truly wanted to do something to nip this in the bud, they would head it off by allowing genuine debate. But that is beyond them. They are terrified of the ninety nine percent. They know they need to screw us into the ground in order to allow themselves to live in luxury  as they drive us further and further into poverty. Well, we are not going to take it anymore. BBC censorship is simply going to add an additional cultural dimension to all our other acts of resistance. A new punk revolution using the technology of cyberspace is just around the corner.

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8 Responses to The truth about Margaret Thatcher that the BBC won’t let you hear:

  1. You are dead right about the scale of the justified anger and hatred, and the backlash this censorship, condemnation and resorts to threats of police brutality from Boris et al are generating.

    I think there’s another aspect to Thatcher that we’re overlooking: Her vision and her policies weren’t her own. They were the neoliberal agenda that supranational bodies like the IMF have been imposing on nations since their inception decades before Thatcher. If we don’t recognise that we’ll never find a real alternative to the economic structure that’s been impoverishing, enslaving and prematurely killing the majority of the population for a century at least.

    Thatcher was a brutal bully. But she was just a lieutenant. We need the generals.

    Have a read if you want: (contains a dangerous dose of Tony Benn)


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  3. polaroid 7 says:

    What an absolute load of shite! Never Mind the Bollocks was released in 1977! not the 1980s! As for the rest of it – Nobody living in London is English! WHAT! Nonsense! This recession and banking disaster is caused by the drive for cheaper goods – the west has given all of their money to China – Chinese are producing millionaires every week – these millionaires are funded by the West. Blame Thatcher if you want – but be constructive about it – the whole world went wrong in 2008 – this was not caused by her! To listen to this dopey Yank spouting shite! is just ridiculous!


  4. Charles says:

    Lest we forget her failed debunked monetarist policy to control the the money supply by raising interest rates failed and cost 47% of the privatley owned manufacturing base. Later in an interview she denied even using the policy. This is not greatness!


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  6. John says:

    The Truth is She was Voted in 3 Times by the people of the Uk Like it or not
    She must have being doing something right


    • TomDelargy says:

      Bullshit. The majority of voters voted against Margaret Thatcher at every single election. The first past the post electoral system use exploited by rightwing bastards in the Labour Party to split the anti-Tory vote alongside the middle class Liberals in order to keep Thatcher in. Even then it took all the lies of the multi-millionaires who own Britain’s so-called free press and pathetically right-wing broadcast media that undermined the vote for the left. Treachery by the Labour and trade union leaders hardly helped us. Thatcher was a monster and her victims are having their say on twitter and elsewhere. The BBC and Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News simply cannot tippex us out of history.


  7. raphieldrake says:

    I’ve typed in Margaret Thatcher at least six times on google and looked through the results. Almost all of them overwhelmingly biased in her favour when put against what actually happened.
    Every single intellectual or personality who ever spoke out against her has chosen to remain silent. What the fuck is going on?


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