Who runs Channel Four these days? Thatcherite arseholes?

What shower of right-wing idiots is pulling the strings at Channel Four today?

What shower of right-wing idiots is pulling the strings at Channel Four today?

Channel Four has just shoved on the most attrocious ninety minute documentary eulogizing Margaret Hilda Thatcher. Who is behind this piece of disgusting drivel? It would appear the person behind it goes by the name of Martin Durkin. I have just checked out the wikipedia entry of the man that Channel Four believes is fit to explain to its viewers who Margaret Thatcher was, and it is quite an eye-opener.

Channel Four News has been in the toilet for years now, with Krishnan, Cathy Newman, Jonathon Miller the most attrocious right-wing Tories, with Jon Snow’s standards falling beyond all recognition, and Matt Frei seeming to have been given a lobotomy since moving over from the BBC, or maybe he was always this bad. A handful of journalists are still pretty good. But even they are often given the wrong kind of stories to cover these days, wasting their contacts and obvious talent. One exception appears to be Simon Isreal who continues to produce worthwhile stories. Lindsey Hillsum is often still good, within the narrow constraints of Channel Four News appalling toadying before NATO’s war criminals.

Once upon the time (until a couple of years ago), Channel Four News was unmissable. It gave Newsnight a run for its money when nothing else came close. Those days have long gone. To dismiss Channel Four News as a pale shadow of what it once was would be an insult to pale shadows. It is today almost completely unwatchable for anyone interested in the news and is not a right-wing cretin.

Small wonder then that the station that gives us Channel Four News sees fit to waste time shoveling out this nasty piece of propaganda for the most disgusting Prime Minister anyone can remember.

By the way, I can remember the so-called Revolutionary Communist Party (Martin Durkin’s former party) from the time of the Miners Strike. They never lost an opportunity to try to foment division within the left, always to help the Tories. Now these bastards, one by one, are not even pretending to be anything more than disgusting Thatcherite scumbags. Back in the days of the Great Miners Strike, socialists looked with suspicion on these people. We wondered how a ‘party’ with no apparent source of income managed to produce a paper that seemed to require infinitely more resources than all the other other left groups put together. Some wondered if those who sold their paper might be a front for state agents. No one ever proved anything, to the best of my knowledge. However,  the subsequent evolution of most of their members does raise more than one or two eyebrows. And this programme is hardly going to quell those suspicions.

  • Martin Durkin is a television producer and director, most prominently of television documentaries for Channel 4 in Britain. He is managing director of WAG TV, a London-based independent TV production company. He has produced, directed and executive-produced a wide variety of programmes covering the arts, science, history, entertainment, features and social documentaries. A former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party number of his documentaries have caused controversies, most notably those critical of environmentalism. He has been described as “the scourge of the greens”[1] and “one of the environmentalists’ favourite hate figures”.[2] His style has been characterised as schlocky, but entertaining, and his stock-in-trade as tendentious sensationalism, “with the common-sense of the tabloid knee jerk”.[3] Hostile to the National Health Service, he attacked Danny Boyle‘s Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012 – which had included a tribute to the health service and its staff – as “dim-brained leftwing history” and Boyle, “a miserable northern socialist”.[4]

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