How do we protest during Maggie Thatcher’s funeral?

We need to debate what we want to happen during Thatcher’s funeral as well as what we don’t want, but what we all know will happen thanks to the provocations of the British establishment, including the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News, the police, the courts, the Royal Family and Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour Party.

While David Cameron is robbing the ninety nine percent blind, driving many of the most vulnerable people into suicide, he is wasting public funds to glorify a Tory bastard who wasted North Sea oil to give tax cuts to her people, encourage people to get into debt, deregulate the economy in a way that was copied by the ruling classes all over the advanced capitalist world that has now come back to haunt them all. Anyone who doesn’t know what I am talking about should check out this video of Max Keiser’s tribute to the liars at the BBC, SKY etc when it comes to Maggie Thatcher: Max Keiser on Thatcher’s legacy/

They tried to postpone the day of reckoning in the hope of dying before they got caught, but the whole of humanity has been caught in this trap. And these Thatcherite bastards all over the world are trying to make the working class pay for the casino economy, the global pyramid schemes that is what global banking has become. Propery bubbles collapse and the rich do not care. This is part of what Thatcher represented and it is part of what we are protesting against. We protest because we know what has gone on even though the broadcast media refuse to address any of these issues when they deal with the woman who protected Jimmy Savile and, according to Edwina Currie, turned a blind eye to Thatcher allowing pedophiles to operate out of Downing Street.

The cops who will be arresting protestors during the funeral are the same ones who turned a blind eye to the allegations about Thatcher’s friend, Jimmy Savile.

The cops are the same ones who repeatedly stopped and searched people for being Black, which lead to riots and gave the green light to the likes of the fascists who murdered Stephen Lawrence.

The cops who will be arresting protestors are the same ones who were involved in the framing of the Birmingham Six, The Guildford Four, etc. The funeral they will be protecting is of the individual who wanted to bring back the death penalty. Had Thatcher got her way, we probably would not even have had people who fought to expose that these people had been innocent all along.

The cops who will be intimidating the protestors will be the ones who helped Thatcher in framing the victims of police misconduct which lead to the tragedy at Hillsborough, with the help of Margaret Thatcher’s biggest fans: Kelvin McKenzie and Rupert Murdoch.

The cops who will threaten to arrest protestors do so to protect David Cameron who is wasting public funds on Margaret Thatcher, the world’s privatiser-in-chief. These cops include those who took bribes from Rupert Murdoch’s hacks to look the other way while Thatcher’s billionaire friend invaded the privacy of democratically elected politicians, those who had the guts to challenge one or other aspect of Rupert Murdoch’s criminal empire at the News of the World and The SUN.

The cops intent on intimidating the majority of the public  represented by the protestors during Thatcher’s funeral come from the same background as those who who flaunted their overstuffed wage packets as miners and their wives fought on the picket lines. The BBC, SKY News, Channel Four are degenerate bastards for gagging all voices of descent who want to defend what we did during the Miners Strike of 1984-85, who are proud of helping keep the miners on strike and fighting as hard as we could in the face of Thatcher’s class war. What the miners fought for was the right for our communities to bequeath to our children relatively well paid jobs, rather than the unemployment which is what Thatcher wanted for us. Cops boasted about how much money they were getting from Thatcher in overtime while she wasted a fortune from North Sea oil to crush the organised working class, and their young children had to starve without decent Christmas presents. All this was a price well worth paying for these heartless bastards that the BBC, SKY, Channel Four want us to celebrate. Fuck that!

The cops who will be protecting Margaret Thatcher’s corpse will be protecting the memory of the Prime Minister who championed the apartheid regime locking Nelson Mandela up forever. She said he had no legitimate right to effectively challenge a racist state that reduced the black population to little more than collective slaves for convenience of the tiny white minority.

The cops who will protect Thatcher will be protecting the bastard who sided with the fascist General Pinochet who murdered the democratically elected Salvadore Allende, and drowned Chilean democracy in blood to protect the ultra-rich bastards and their middle class wannabes.

Is this history not enough for the ninety nine percent to cry with one voice: FUCK THATCHER!

David Cameron knows exactly what he is doing, and what the entire British establishment are doing by their gagging of all the voices of protest, all of us who call the bluff of Thatcher-loving liars in the House of Commons and their clones in the television studios of SKY News, the BBC and Channel Four News. David Cameron has calculated that the all this concerted spreading poisonous lies on behalf of Margaret Thatcher will lead to the kinds of protests that will inevitably get out of hand. David Cameron knows this. He wants this. He is relying on it.

David Cameron is praying for a considerable measure of luddist property destruction that is an entirely counterproductive overreaction. He knows that he can rely on Ed Miliband to side one hundred percent with the very same police who will incite protestors. And the whole thing is simply going to escalate out of anyone’s control. This is an appalling gamble that David Cameron is making, and he is doing it in large part for cheap, populist, electoral considerations.

David Cameron will use any disruption that he knows is inevitable to toss even greater arbitrary powers of arrest to the cops in the hope of dragging Britain down the same road that Thatcher admired so much in the blood soaked authoritarian regimes of apartheid South Africa and Pinochet’s Chile.

The left has to try to do what we can to rein in the spontaneous overreaction of anarchists, while accepting the fact that there is a limit to what we can do. Our ability to defend peaceful protests is limited by the lack of fair access to the mass media. And that is something that Ed Miliband is instrumental in denying us.

Socialists need to expose just how out of touch with the people Ed Miliband and his band of Merry Blairites are from the mass of the British people. We have to protest about everthing that is going on. On Wednesday those who don’t protest in public will make their protests in cyberspace. We should see to it that the blanket bullshit on SKY News, the BBC and Channel Four News is met with howls of outrage at this abuse of the airwaves by the megaphones of the British establishment.

Those who turn their backs might want to wear red. Red for the city of Liverpool who boycott Rupert Murdoch’s disgusting SUN ‘newspaper’. Red for socialism. Let this be our red flag to the rule of Thatcher’s class of profiteering parasites, the multi-millionaires in David Cameron’s cabinet who are today driving the poor into suicide.

If protestors turn their backs and wear red, then the black of the bastards who celebrate Thatcher will be helping the rest of us create a picture from helicopters of a sea of red and black. God Save The Queen of Thatcherite death and Anarchy in the UK.

Those of us in cyberspace should use hashtags to remind the bastards at the BBC and SKY News and Channel Four News about what we are protesting against. Hillsborough will be one of many hashtags. We will drown out the bastards who want dignity for the butcher that was Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

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2 Responses to How do we protest during Maggie Thatcher’s funeral?

  1. John Traynor says:

    This funeral (and the reaction to it) is just a start point. All the polarised discussion about the 1980s and what followed has re-ignited a keen interest in politics. The timing of Thatcher’s death is fortunate in the sense that it coincides with the imposition of despicable attacks on people’s lives coupled with tax cuts for the highest earners, and so heightens the strength of engagement in politics. It becomes clear that the majority of people of Britain do not support the Coalition’s gangster government and have no confidence in the spineless Labour Party. Whatever protests occur on Wednesday, or are stifled by police, the desire to fight back is strong.


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