Let a thousand flowers bloom in the garden of the broad church of Left Unity:

  • Tom
  • April 15, 2013 at 12:11 pm
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  • This is not a superb document. Left Unity around this is impossible. We need a document around which socialists can galvanize all the victims of austerity whose logic is dictated by the capitalist system. What we have here does not do that. Our candidates and canvassers will be asked to justify a lot of what it says here and I doubt if anyone would be able to do that. They would be left floundering and made to look rediculous in the same way that the previous leader of UKIP exposed himself as not even having read his election manifesto. There are good things in the above but far too many bad things as well. If we want a lowest common denominator statement we need something much sharper and shorter. Within such a statement we can spell out how healthy we think it is that there are groups and individuals who will bring a variety of ideas, strategy and tactics. A thousand flowers can bloom so long as there is solid foundations in the garden of our broad church. What we have here is a mishmash of ideas that will collapse under scrutiny.

[comment left on Ken Loach’s Left Unity blog]

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