BBC wastes our license fee to celebrate the life of a nasty privatising Tory bastard:

Solidarity with everyone who has been protesting against the British establishment today. The BBC, SKY News joined Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet and the Royal family to exploit the funeral of Margaret Thatcher to insult all of her victims. If these idiots think they will get away with that then they are living in a dream world. All their closing of ranks behind an anti-democratic, class warrior for the bosses is going to achieve is spreading Thatcher’s personal toxicity to each and every one of her apologists. We will never forgive you.

The BBC denies us a voice, and that make very angry indeed. Britain today is a pressure cooker society. It is now crammed full of alienation. The longer it takes for the pressure to be released, the more dangerous it will be for those who created this societal problem in the first place. I suspect the Tory bastards who edit the BBC’s news programmes have worked that out by now. Or maybe they are doing what they are doing because they are all as thick as pigshit.

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