Is Max Keiser really a ‘dopey Yank spouting shite?’

Hi, Polaroid 7. So you want to call Max Keiser a ‘dopey Yank spouting shite!’? I will be sure and send him an email and he might want a right to reply. If he mentions you on The Keiser Report I will send you a link.
Have a nice day.

  • polaroid 7 says:
  • April 17, 2013 at 12:29 pm (Edit)
  • What an absolute load of shite! Never Mind the Bollocks was released in 1977! not the 1980s! As for the rest of it – Nobody living in London is English! WHAT! Nonsense! This recession and banking disaster is caused by the drive for cheaper goods – the west has given all of their money to China – Chinese are producing millionaires every week – these millionaires are funded by the West. Blame Thatcher if you want – but be constructive about it – the whole world went wrong in 2008 – this was not caused by her! To listen to this dopey Yank spouting shite! is just ridiculous!

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