Organising Left Unity in the real world:

Simon Hardy refuses to debate

Simon Hardy refuses to debate

Dear Simon Hardy,

You are listed on Left Unity’s website as one of those who is a day-to-day organizer: Left Unity is making a big deal of having 8,000 signatories to the appeal for a new party, and with good reason: the more the merrier. But you seem to want to rise about the riff-raff, detach yourself from the rest of us, be unaccountable to those you are supposed to be organizing. That makes no sense to me.

‘Organizers’ cannot organize if what they say in public is anathema to those 8,000 they are supposed to be organizing. If they actually know that what they are saying is an embarrassment to this 8,000, if they want to merely shrug their shoulders when the damaging consequences of this is pointed out to them, then that is a very serious problem for Left Unity.

Simon, what you are doing is sowing seeds of division. You must realise that. If you want Left Unity to unite around your sectarian attitude towards Glenda Jackson’s speech in the House of Commons, then you need to try to persuade those you are supposed to be organizing, but you refuse to do that. If you don’t care what the 8,000 signatories of Left Unity’s appeal think then you are unfit to hold this title of day-to-day organizer.

You refuse to defend in public your indifference (to put it mildly) to how the rest of the 8,000 signatories of the Left Unity statement welcome Glenda Jackson’s speech in the House of Commons as a breath of fresh. Left Unity, if you held a polls, would I am sure overwhelmingly stand shoulder to shoulder with those inside and outside the Labour Party who applaud Glenda Jackson’s stance. You want to throw a spanner in the works. Why?

Is there anything else you don’t care about vis-a-vis those 8,000 people you are supposed to be organizing? Do you care about anything we think? Or are you going to ask all 8,000 signatories to send a series of private emails rather than for problems about the accountability of organizers to be dealt with publicly?

Simon, I am not sure that your sectarianism, and your refusal to answer questions, referring all expressions of doubt as to your commitment to organizing left unity is what is needed to build a united left to Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet.

Simon, you may be able to get away with stonewalling me, but what is your plan for when the bourgeois media decide to ask you questions? What will you do when Jeremy Paxman or Eddie Mair asks you what you think about Glenda Jackson? Will you ask them to send an email to the Left Unity website? Will you ask all the constituents of those who ask questions of canvassers for Left Unity candidates in the local elections to send a private email to the Left Unity website? Is it possible that you think the way to organise Left Unity is for a free-for-all, with all 8,000 socialists each arguing for something completely different? Monty Python’s People’s Front of Judea all over again?

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