Left Unity against capitalist barbarism:

  • Tom
  • April 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm
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  • Minor(ish)points, Mark? I don’t think so. Your anxieties bring us to the heart of the differences within Left Unity. Trade unions are THE core class organisations of those of us standing on the right side of the ideological barricades. This explains why the propagandists of the capitalist class have such problems winning votes for union general secretaries. This explains why Ed Miliband defied the 100% support of the employers and their megaphones in the broadcast and print media for his Blairite brother, David. It also explains why Ed’s supporters can no longer even find a candidate to stand against Len McCluskey whereas the SWP and SP can, and can secure 36% of the vote in defiance of practically the entire organised left. Cross-class alliances are not where we will find genuine left unity. If we want a socialist alternative to capitalism, the core of our movement has to be the trade unions. And we do need an alternative to capitalism because it is heading into a 1930s style crisis in Britain as much as in Greece and Cyprus sooner or later. And the alternatives are, once more, socialism or barbarism. Let’s face facts, Mark: capitalism with a human face is no longer an option for the surplus value vampires.

[comment left on Left Unity website in response to Mark Perryman’s lack of enthusiasm for trade unions: http://leftunity.org/newsletter-5/]

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