Left Unity around Rosa Luxemburg:

  • Tom
  • April 28, 2013 at 1:28 am
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  • Mark Perryman quoting Eduard Bernstein approvingly? Why am I not surprised. The father of revisionism (the exact opposite of socialism) is the theorist of surrender to capitalist exploitation. Bernstein said the goal is nothing because he was a traitor to the class struggle that, for Marx and Engels is the key to scientific socialism. Bernstein was nothing more than an agent of the capitalist class within the workers’ movement. Left Unity is socialist or it is nothing. Those who want the left to reconcile the working class to capitalist exploitation are not part of the left. Left Unity has to be an organisation of socialists, socialists who know what the goal is and who understand the need to debate not whether we want to go there but how do get there, as rapidly as possible. Surrendering to the capitalist status quo is useless at the best of times. But capitalism globally has entered a new epoch of protracted crisis. Our pensions, our NHS, our homes, health and safety, civil liberties and everything else are all under threat today. And that is because the capitalists can’t even afford what the working class managed to wring out of them over generations of political and economic struggle. Socialists have to come together in Left Unity because we have the potential to rally the mass of the exploited and oppressed more today than for several generations. That is because because they are fighting to defend what they have come to expect, what their children take as a given. It is easy to persuade the majority that if capitalism cannot afford a decent life for the 99%, then we can no longer afford capitalism. Reject Eduard Bernstein, and embrace Rosa Luxemburg.

[Comment left on Left Unity: http://leftunity.org/the-cult-of-activism/]

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