Left Unity and scientific socialism:

  • Tom
  • April 29, 2013 at 7:32 pmYour comment is awaiting moderation.
  • Ed, you make an important point. Someone argued in a piece on Left Unity that we should be forced to write in very short contributions, I think 200 words was the suggested limit. This is a problem. Marxists are ‘scientific socialists’. You can place E=MC2 on a teeshirt but that doesn’t prove you understand why it is so. The point of Marxists is to get the message across and googling may not be the best way to do that. There is no Marxist search engine that weeds out articles written by the enemies of Marx, Lenin Luxemburg, Gramsci and Trotsky. Prior to Tony Blair’s ripping up of Clause Four, it was easier to find a platform to explain why workers cannot win the full fruits of their labour under private ownership of the means of production. Now socialists are treated like Galileo under house arrest. Left Unity needs to appreciate that and work to get our message out there once more. We need to help an ever growing section of our class adopt the point of view of anti-capitalism on every question. That will allow us to challenge the media’s crap that lets them scapegoat immigrants, Muslims, travelers, single mothers, benefit scroungers or whoever. It will allow us to win converts to defending all those who take industrial action that shifts the balance of economic power from the exploiters to the exploited. And it allows us to make the case for a more general, political approach to industrial muscle: where the chains of capitalism are forged, there must they be broken.

[comment I left on Left Unity: http://leftunity.org/left-unity-iops/]

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