Who is Vincent Doherty?

Chris Bambery: agent provocateur

Chris Bambery: agent provocateur

Just got a comment left on one of my blog posts of many months ago, it was a wide ranging piece that pulled many arguments together that, for reasons I don’t understand, seems to have been accessed many times a few hours ago. My guess is that Chris Bambery is coming under scrutiny by some people on the left, including his associates in Counterfire and elsewhere. I don’t fancy his chances of lasting long in the socialist movement. Anyway, this comment was left by someone calling himself ‘Vincent Doherty’. Don’t recognise the name. I googled it and it didn’t turn up anything I can use. What Vincent wrote is meaningless. I have no idea what his point is. If he wants to explain what he meant, then I am up for a debate with him or anyone else for that matter. If anyone is interested, I am going to post Vincent’s comment here, one that I can make neither heads nor tails of. My guess is that Vincent is probably a member of Bambery’s International Socialist Group, but he could be almost anyone associated with a variety of organisations mentioned in my article, every word of which is true, by the way, verifiable, every word of which I would swear to under oath in a court of law.

  • This is absolutely extraordinary. I don’t think I have ever seen vitriol like it in almost 40 years in and around the revolutionary socialist movement. Unbelievable?
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One Response to Who is Vincent Doherty?

  1. TomDelargy says:

    Just realised after rereading the original blog post that the comment by Vincent Doherty could be an attack not on my critique of Chris Bambery and his ISG thugs so much an attack on the thugs themselves. It is just not clear who he is targeting.


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