Left Unity of socialists needed to expose Nigel Farage’s UKIP:

  • Tom
  • May 4, 2013 at 8:59 am
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  • What Glynn says is nonsense from start to finish. This new organisation has been put together to challenge the betrayals of Ed Miliband and previous right wing traitors in the labour movement. This movement is called Left Unity for a reason, Glynn. Your insistence that we unite the left, right and centre shows we are simply not on the same page you. That explains why when you tell us about our potential voters, you are not making a single helpful suggestion.
    You talk about people’s lives and culture. Which people, Glynn? Whose culture exactly? The culture of the Miners Support groups of 1984-85 or the culture of Margaret Thatcher’s thugs in blue who flaunted their overstuffed wage packets as they broke the solidarity of working people, and the laws of the land too, by the way?
    You demand responsibility and most efficient social policies? In what way does that differentiate your proposals from those of Margaret Thatcher? Or Nigel Farage? Your talk about people winning back their destiny is the language of right-wing populists. If it means anything at all, it is deeply reactionary.
    You talk about the collective power of the populace? That, again, is the language of the petty bourgeoisie. It is the rhetoric of the right-wing extra-parliamentary groups who flourish amongst the petty bourgeoisie during periods of chaos in the capitalist economy. It most certainly is not the language of Left Unity, but of Right Unity, including Nigel Farage’s UKIP!
    Glynn’s enthusiasm for dumping the word ‘socialism’ is hardly surprising. Left Unity has to become the vehicle for anti-capitalists, and that means socialists. Real socialists are the tribunes of all the oppressed. We defend these victims of capitalist scapegoating in defiance of the mass media owned by the richest one percent. Left Unity has to relate to the class with radical chains And it has to acknowledge that trade unions are the core organisations of our class.
    Those who want an above class politics already have the Tories, the Liberal Democrats, Ed Miliband’s One Nation Blairism, Nigel Farage’s ultra-Thatcherite xenophobes, and the Scottish and Welsh nationalists as well, by the way.
    Left Unity has to unite all socialists, as best it can. We have to see to it that our class has at least one party capable of scraping through the lost-deposit thresh-hold, piling up the votes during by-elections the way UKIP has, securing seats under proportional representation to Holyrood, EU parliament, etc. That will get us access to the airwaves. And the progress of socialists is going to be very limited indeed until we can secure regular access to the airwaves.

[comment left on Ken Loach’s Left Unity website: http://leftunity.org/unityandsocialism/]

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