Shrodinger’s cat and Nigel Evans:

Scrodinger's Nigel is both guilty and not guilty

Scrodinger’s Nigel is both guilty and not guilty

I’m not sure what to make of Nigel Evans. I do know he is innocent until proven guilty. I also know that many political activists believe what they want when it comes to allegations of criminality. I am usually able to resist that knee-jerk opportunism. I don’t know anything about Nigel Evans accusers, but I do know I don’t like Nigel. The media tell us how popular he is with all the parties. Not the ones I vote for. But people whose politics you hate also find themselves victims of smear campaigns, blackmail, political conspiracies. None of this can be ruled out on the basis of the facts as I know them. Because I have so few facts I want to suspend judgement. I hate trial by media. I want the authorities and the jury to weigh up the evidence, if there is any. I want the jury to scrutinize how everyone stands up to cross-examination. Any comment from me or anyone else on the basis of partial knowledge spread around by the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News hacks help no one get at the truth. However,….

Nigel Evans is going public, smiling broadly telling us about how beautiful his constituents are, and how gorgeous a constituency it is. I am not sure what good it does for comrade Evans to tell us how much support he is getting on Facebook. After all, how can any of these Likes represent anything other than hope that he will be proven not guilty?

While I refuse to jump on board any bandwagon to imply he is guilty – because it would be nice to see a Tory politician disgraced – neither do I think it does Nigel Evans any credit to flaunt the numbers of backers he can conjure up to ‘prove’ he couldn’t possibly be guilty.

Anyone saying that Nigel Evans is not guilty is, simultaneously, accuses his accusers of being liars. And that is something we simply do not, something we cannot, know. Those who refuse to suspend judgement at this stage may be adding insult to injury to victims of rape. This is the kind of attitude that allowed Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall to get away with their crimes for generations.

Those of us who have nothing to contribute one way or the other would be well advised to leave it to the authorities, the courts, and, in the final analysis, the jury. That is my advice.

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