Suicide, politics and other matters:

A few days ago I started to draft an post for my blog. It just kept growing and I didn’t know where to stop. I decided to hold it back.

Part of me is scared of addressing the issues in that post because I feel I could get dragged down an alley that will cause problems with everything I want to post. However, I am going to take the risk. Writer’s block and a stream of consciousness style of writing when I don’t edit is a problem I am going to have to live with. Redrafting is too time consuming. I will try to write in chunks. It is possible that I will go over material that I have already covered, due to my attention deficit disorder. If people are bored with these stylistic faux pas, they are free to stop reading.

Who do I expect might read what I am saying? I will be naming names, outting the guilty and I expect they will want to check out what I am saying about them, to prepare their lies and smears. They know who they are. I hope some professional will read what I am saying and try to give me some help. I am referring to investigative journalists, and campaigners for those who have been let down by the medical profession and social services. There is a long list of people who have been subjecting me to what I consider abuse and I want them to be investigated. I am scared of these people and will no longer talk to them other than in the presence of a lawyer. I am today subitting a complaint to the Quality Care Commission or whatever it is they are called to investigate a social worker at Renfrewshire Council, a so-called care worker who has made my life an absolute misery with the help of the Renfrewshire Council social worker, and also a GP who refused to listen to me when I was accompanied by this ‘care worker’ calling for the setting up of counseling as an out-patient that I was promised about ten months ago related to how I am feeling suicidal due to the behavior of Renfrewshire Council and many other factors.

Renfrewshire Council had me illegally detained under the Mental Health Act last year and they did that because I asked for an investigation into their behavior and that of a Doctor Bennie who prescribed me a drug that could have killed me. Renfrewshire Council Social Workers, worked with Doctor Bennie to detain me against my will in Dykebar Hospital. I told Dr Bennie that had already approached Channel Four News Darsha Soni to conduct an investigation into malpractise on his part and I wanted him to be investigated and I expected him to be disciplined both for this incompetence for prescribing me a drug that could have killed me had I not conducted independent research via the internet (wikipedia and the drug manufacturer’s own website), and I expected him to be further disciplined for having me illegally detained and he refused to tell me if he got his court order from a sheriff without explaining to him about my complaint against him. After one month of refusing to speak to Dr Bennie, after 29 days, he let me out. However, I told one of his colleagues that I would cooperate on a strictly outpatient basis. That doctor was prepared to treat me on that basis but I have lost contact details with him. For ten months Renfrewshire Council and the individual they have paid to act as my ‘care worker’ have refused to get me this counseling that I was promised. That counseling had been sought by me about five years and Renfrewshire Council and those they have paid to provide ‘care workers’ had frustrated me at every turn. I am going to write about this, and intend to name those individuals who have denied me this essential care:

The Renfrewshire social workers goes by the name of Gillian Shearer. I want her investigated. What she has done is illegal and I have told her that. I am not going to name the so-called care worker, but I am asking for him to be investigated by the care commission. I will name his predecessors at Scottish Autism: Alan McDermid, John Munro, Joseph Haughey, Jenni Roberts, Marie Owens, Sheena McDonald (spelling on one or more of these names may be wrong). I am also going to mention the GP who, about six weeks ago, refused to set up the meeting with that doctor who, a full ten or eleven months ago, agreed to treat me for suicidal feelings as an outpatient: her name (if memory serves) is Doctor Dunlop.

I intend to post further pieces alleging a degree of criminality on the part of at least some of these people or of at the very least gross incompetence that deserves severe disciplinary measured dished out to them. I am going to do my best to justify every allegation that I am making here. I am not going to get sidetracked on these personal issues as I need to focus on everything else I am interested in. If someone wants to leave a comment on my blog in response to what I say I will consider allowing it through.

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