Left Unity cannot exclude the SWP, SP and the rest of the left:

  • Tom
  • May 10, 2013 at 11:46 pm
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  • The idea that Left Unity can exist by witch hunting groups makes no sense. It is wrong on principle, replicates the worst excesses of the SLP and is wrong as strategy as it gives no incentive to the debris of previous left unity initiatives not to stand candidates against Left Unity. The idea that those comrades who manage to get past the bouncers can be prevented from caucusing is naive in the extreme. The question is whether comrades will be free to ‘fess up to the fact that they are indeed going to organise together to win votes for their perspectives or whether they are going to do it and then be forced to pretend they didn’t simply to avoid being expelled. The idea that comrades are going to be asked if they belong to a group smacks of McCarthyism: are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Socialist Workers Party? If Left Unity intends to behave like this, then it is the very opposite of left unity. It will end up as just one more sect, but one crushed between those that already exist on the one hand and the Labour Party on the other, which has a left wing like Owen Jones who has better politics than some of the anti-Leninists posting on this website. And the prospect of securing financial support from anyone who is going to be refused entry to the party is kinda ludicrous too. If the groups represented at the meeting constitute a tiny fraction of those who have signed the on-line petition, then this fact needs to be flagged up so as to let us know the extent to which the meeting does or does not reflect these supporters. If delegates reflect a small minority of the 8,000 no one can draw up plans to exclude groups when we know that this 8,000 will include many who belong to existing groups.

[comment left on Left Unity’s website: http://leftunity.org/newsletter-6/]

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