Kate Hudson has usurped the goodwill of 8,000 anti-sectarians:


  • Tom
  • May 12, 2013 at 2:22 pm
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  • This report is a disgrace. This gathering has usurped the 8,000 signatories who came together to express discontent with the Judean People’s Front alphabet soup of candidates at by-elections. That is why Ken Loach was applauded so loudly when he last appeared on Question Time. By voting to exclude the bulk of the SWP, the SP, and the rest of the activist group membership, the latter are given no option but to stand candidates against Left Unity. In other words, those who claim to speak on behalf of the 8,000 voted yesterday to add just one more sect to this tragic left DISunity. Those who voted to deny Dave Nellist observer status at the meeting, to see which of the delegates was serious about left unity and who was a diehard sectarian, clearly have no idea what the meaning of genuine left unity is all about. The 7,000 who have not been consulted in any sense need to see to it that all these sectarian shenanigans end asap. If Kate Hudson and co won’t see sense, then they have to be voted out. The sooner the better.

[comment left on Left Unity’s website: http://leftunity.org/left-unitys-first-national-meeting-a-report/]

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