Kate Hudson, Left Unity, Sectarianism and Gagging Dissidents:

  • Tom
  • May 12, 2013 at 3:58 pm
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  • Looks to me like the only people who are going to be allowed to leave comments on this website now are yes-men and women who tell the leadership exactly what they want to hear. Well, you can count me out of that. I do not think they have any mandate to exclude members of the SWP, SP or any other socialist. Everyone who voted yesterday knew that the SWP, SP et al are not going to be intimidated into dissolving their organisations after decades of building them.
  • It was Arthur Scargill’s decision to exclude supporters of Scottish Militant Labour that forced the latter to start an alternative in Scotland: the Scottish Socialist Alliance, an organisation that morphed into the highly effective Scottish Socialist Party, with six seats in the Scottish Parliament, an affiliated trade union (the RMT), and 3,000 members in a country with a tenth of England’s population.
  • By telling the SWP and SP that they must liquidate themselves to be allowed to join Left Unity on an individual basis, Kate Hudson et al is replicating the same sectarian mess that lead to the destruction of the Socialist Labour Party in Scotland and elsewhere.
  • Are all dissidents in Left Unity going to all be gagged from here on in? All 7,000 of us? Has democratic debate in Left Unity ended at the stroke of a pen?
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