Left Unity is by definition anti-capitalist:

  • Tom
  • May 14, 2013 at 9:18 pm
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  • There is a problem with this. Many problems. It is clear that Left Unity is unstable. Too many people on board are incapable of disguising the fact that they want to alienate those who disagree with them. They want to humiliate them incessantly, doing so until they walk away in disgust. Either that or else they will resort to convincing like minded individuals to band together to purge those with a different point of view. Many of the worst offenders are those who want to smash those who demand rights for factions to caucus. They might find it hard organizing witch hunting while simultaneously drawing attention to their own anti-faction faction. This problem of disunity is clearly not a problem with one section of Left Unity. On the contrary, this squabbling is a painful index of just how shallow the roots of the organisation is at this stage. That is why Ken Loach was absolutely right to vote alongside Nick Wrack for his procedural motion. John Keeley wants Left Unity “to be democratic & open to all to participate.” But Left Unity only wants to unite the left, the left with each other; not the left with the right and the center, thank you very much. By definition, we don’t want all to participate in Left Unity. This poses starkly the question of who is and who is not part of the left. As Ken Loach made clear, anti-capitalism has to be key. Those who have made their peace with capitalism are not, in my opinion, part of the left. Not when we are dealing with uniting the left to pose an alternative in the electoral arena. Of course we can have ad hoc united fronts with those who have no ideological opposition to capitalism as an inherently anti-democratic, exploitative, wasteful, oppression festering system of omni-shambling parasites. That said, when it comes to membership, those who remain agnostic (or worse) when it comes to capitalism have to be kept at bay.

[comment left on Left Unity’s website: http://leftunity.org/how-to-make-democratic-decisions/]

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