Left Unity at a crossroads: Rosa Luxemburg or Mark Perryman?

  • Tom
  • May 15, 2013 at 2:50 pm
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  • What is ‘brilliant’ in this, Liz? Mark Perryman is worried Left Unity might degenerate into a so-called ‘snakepit of the revolutionary sects’. This is an expression of his anxiety that Ken Loach may successfully negotiate with Dave Nellist (on behalf of TUSC) to stop Left Unity being forced to add to the tragic (the frankly obscene) Monty Python’s caricature that is the split in the left-of-Labour vote.
  • Let’s face facts, comrades. Left Unity has split already. It has not split organizationally. Not quite yet. However, given the very low percentage of the 8,000 who have been persuaded to join a local group, to allow them a modicum of democratic participation in the ‘organization’, there is precious little to split at this stage.
  • Having said that, Ken Loach’s voting for Nick Wrack’s procedural motion reflects the fact that those who initiated this project are far from united. The fact that Kate Hudson lost the vote to push through statements that apparently could mean anything anyone wants it to mean proves that the majority of those who attended the other day share at least some of my anxieties about the way this project is going.
  • Furthermore, it is crystal clear that those who are reporting on Saturday’s procedings are not united even on what is and what is not positive about it. If these reports are anything to go by, it is safe to assume that Left Unity today is as stable as a matter/anti-matter bandage. They appear to be divided on pretty much everything. Those who find silver linings in Saturday’s meeting want to park the fact that fifty percent or more of that meeting have an exactly opposite idea of what are the silver linings and what are the clouds.
  • There are those who support omov (including some elected to the leadership) who adopt a very healthy attitude towards the revolutionary left. I am not for one second challenging their sincerity when it comes to uniting the SWP, SP and others in an omov Left Unity. I don’t think anyone can doubt that that this is Ken Loach’s position. I am sure there are many others. These are the comrades who need to negotiate with Dave Nellist and co because I am sure a deal can be struck that will keep all of us happy.
  • But Mark Perryman is one of a very vocal section of Left Unity who post regularly on this website whose idea of left unity is joining with the Thatcherites, the Blairites and every other supporter of capitalism in order to engage in an unremitting smear campaign against every member of the revolutionary left. He does this in exactly the same way Eduard Bernstein and Neil Kinnock did. This is done to transform Left Unity into an impossible dream. It is designed to give all of us who belong to the tradition of Rosa Luxemburg no option but to stand candidates against Left Unity. Who would benefit from that, Mark Perryman? Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage, David Cameron. That’s who.
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