Left Unity’s anti-sectarian sectarians:

  • Tom
  • May 15, 2013 at 5:28 pm
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  • You are proud of keeping Dave Nellist out of the first ever national Left Unity meeting? Shame on you. This is a sectarian rant designed to force TUSC to stand against Left Unity. This is not what the majority of the 8,000 signed up for.
  • Allowing the first national Left Unity meeting to be chaired by someone who makes a virtue of his never having attended a political meeting before reveals a shambolic attitude on the part of the organizers of that meeting. Allowing it to be chaired by someone who is so clearly sectarian towards most of the left is unforgivable.
  • Left Unity has to take stock of what is going wrong. It has to start again with a blank sheet. It has to get into urgent negotiations with Dave Nellist and other authoritative representatives of TUSC.
  • There has to be a non-aggression pact with TUSC when it comes to any by-election or other election between now and the next national Left Unity meeting.
  • There has to be a discussion about the meaning of omov, which I believe can be made to work, although the majority of TUSC are less keen.
  • Even the supporters of omov are seriously split on what it means although they are painfully oblivious to the existence of those divisions: many think it means banning factions – a la Neil Kinnock; others think it must go hand in hand with keeping out most of today’s organized left, especially the SWP and SP, but all the rest as well.
  • Additionally, omov does not begin to recognize the key role of trade unions for genuine left unity.
  • Trade unions are the core organisations of the working class, our class, the class with radical chains. Trade unions set limits on the rate of exploitation within within capitalist society. omov cannot deal with the urgent problem posed by Labour’s trade union link. Left Unity needs to discuss how to re-enfranchise millions of trade unionists. As it stands, Left Unity is completely ignoring this key question. And that, in turn, helps Ed Miliband’s One Nation politics which cannot but demoralize the traditional working class, making many of them abstain at elections or, worse still, express discontent by offering a protest vote that boosts the flat-Tax Thatcherites of ultra-xenophobia: Nigel Farage’s UKIP.
  • There is only one way to stop Labour, Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP leapfrogging over each other ever-rightwards, aided and abetted by the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News etc. And that is by the real left – the anti-capitalist left – tossing a spanner in the works. And that requires genuine left unity. And that means bringing those who support the politics of Rosa Luxemburg on board Left Unity: SWP, SP and every other revolutionary group and individual. This has to start with – at the very least – fraternal relations between TUSC and Left Unity, with electoral pacts (unstable though those tend to be) and observer status to each others meetings. But that is not nearly enough. Such a relationship is far, far too fragile. That has to be merely the first step on the path to the fusion of cadres. That may take a bit of time, but it has to be the end result.
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