Left Unity against Nigel Farage’s UKIP:

  • Tom
  • May 19, 2013 at 4:35 am
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  • Despite the many problems I have with this article, there is a lot of sense too. I have had my say on the question of the Russian Revolution, and the importance of material forces rather than disembodied personalities. That said, Marxism is not a scholarly commentary on events. It is first and foremost a guide to action. And, as Gramsci pointed out, ideas become a material force when they grip the masses. That is where politics comes in.
  • There are gaps in this article on Nigel Farage, important gaps that Left Unity needs to grasp and exploit for all they are worth.
  • UKIP is, according to the latest opinion polls, twice as popular as Nick Clegg’s loathsome Lib Dems. Socialists can take a lot of comfort from the role UKIP are now playing in damaging the Tory Party, which has them publicly fall out with each other, privately brief against each other as “swivel-eyed loons,” then threaten to sue Tory publications that name them. All this does is exacerbate an existing problem which threatens to spiral out of control. UKIP splits the right-wing vote? Good for them.
  • All the above is a massive silver lining for socialists. That said, most Tory MPs want to get rid of this problem one way or another. One potential solution is to jettison David Cameron and his coalition partners, the toxic Liberal Democrats who are now hated by just about everyone. Intelligent Tories (and they do exist) want to replace their hapless Prime Minister with someone who will offer some kind of electoral pact with UKIP. This cannot be ruled out.
  • If a Tory-UKIP electoral pact at least at consitutency level proved workable (and I think it can), there could be a majority Tory government before too long. Such a government will claim a new mandate. They will deploy the special bodies of armed men (and women) to crack skulls of pickets, student demonstrators, and everyone else who organises mass civil disobedience to sabotage the austerity demanded by the capitalists.
  • Such a government will have the support of the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News. The official media in the UK will use their propaganda on behalf of the richest one percent. They will foment scapegoating, divide and rule. Left Unity needs to prepare for that. We need to take measures to undermine it, as far as that is possible.
  • Exposing Nigel Farage is possible. He has a short fuse. A handful of student protestors can have him foaming at the mouth, accusing English demonstrators of hating the English! He thinks Scots hate UKIP because they’re English? Idiot.
  • Alex Salmond has been able to humiliate Farage, and his putting the phone down on a BBC Scotland journalist has done him no favours.
  • In Scotland we are not afraid of UKIP. Farage is an ultra-Thatcherite. He wants to shift economic resources from welfare to warfare. We can defeat him on both. Socialists can do this successfully in England and Wales as well as Scotland. But we must unite the anti-capitalist left if we are going to be successful against UKIP. And that means extending olive branches beyond the 100 odd socialists who attended Left Unity’s first national meeting a week ago. We need to work with Owen Jones, John McDonnell, Dave Nellist, Bob Crow, etc, etc, etc.
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2 Responses to Left Unity against Nigel Farage’s UKIP:

  1. Steve B says:

    Wow, all that in one paragraph!


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