Nick Wrack, Left Unity and TUSC:

  • I am relieved to hear Will McMahon  say the ISN have not given up on TUSC. However, there are problems with what we are being told. Nick has already told me on Facebook that he saw no need to refer to TUSC in this very long article, which I like quite a lot. However, this is to do an ostrich impression given the rabid anti-TUSC propaganda that litters Left Unity’s website.
  • To say, as Will does, that TUSC and Left Unity “are different expressions of the same problem. The need to build a mass socialist party….” The reality, comrades, is that unless they negotiate an electoral pact each of these organisations will contribute to the sabotage of this mass socialist party we all want.
  • Nick Wrack, Pete McLaren, Will McMahon and co will not be able to play a positive role if they refuse to take on the anti-TUSC sectarians in Left Unity.
  • Given Left Unity’s premature and highly ambiguous adoption of one-member-one-vote, an electoral pact  between these two organisations is now the order of the day. Ken Loach will inevitably prove an ally (an indispensable ally) in securing such a pact.
  • Left Unity is capable of playing a very positive role by becoming a super ISN. As such, it can evolve into the membership component of this mass socialist party. But that is only possibly if it embraces anti-capitalist priorities, which appears not to be the dominant position of those posting on Left Unity’s website at the moment.

[comment left on the ISN’s website:]

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3 Responses to Nick Wrack, Left Unity and TUSC:

  1. Nick Wrack says:

    Hi Tom, That’s not quite what I said in my Facebook reply to your comment.

    This is what I said: “Tom, the ISN comrades haven’t abandoned TUSC, though there are varying degrees of enthusiasm for the project. I probably should have dealt with TUSC but I was concentrating on the LU meeting and the debate to come. Will Mcmahon spoke in the debate at the 11 May meeting, emphasising the need for collaboration and not contesting elections.”


  2. TomDelargy says:

    Hi Will. You are always welcome to leave a comment. If you think I was being unfair to you, then I apologize. I used search to find any explicit reference to TUSC and was surprised to find none. I am not questioning your personal commitment to TUSC. The problem is the extent of not just indifference but hostility even to the idea of the SWP and SP joining. I can understand why that is. Partly it is because of concerns with groups outvoting the rest. This has to be addressed, but it can be. Good people are anxious about this. Others don’t want the SWP and SP involved because they want a very right wing Left Unity, and know they don’t want the SWP and SP screwing things up for them. My anxiety is that unless all supporters of TUSC getting involved don’t make that case, the opposite will win the day by default. Few SWP or SP members bother commenting on the website. Those who make the case against a split Left Unity/TUSC vote is very small. Other than myself, I don’t think anyone does it on a consistent basis. This is dangerous. I am sure that Ken Loach won’t be happy if the SWP and SP are forced to stand candidates against Left Unity. But if no one else explains why this would be a disaster when so many others are calling for it, a head of steam may build up and then it could be too late for Ken to throw his weight behind an electoral pact. This is very dangerous for all socialists.


  3. TomDelargy says:

    Oops. I meant Nick, not Will. #typo


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