Left Unity and democratic accountability:

I am glad to point out that criticism of Left Unity’s leadership can yield results. Admittedly, making those criticisms internally leads to censorship so no one has a scoobie what is going on, and no one is able to discuss how valid the criticism actually is. That’s not very democratic, is it? But if you can get your message across on Twitter, your blog or whatever, and if you can persuade enough people to read it and share it, Kate Hudson and co just might take the action you had been calling for. That at any rate is my explanation for the sudden dropping of Kate Hudson’s photograph of herself with a massive smile on her face as she discusses the Woolwich atrocity.

I had no problem with Kate taking issue with my critique of her use of that photograph given the very sombre question we are dealing with. However, if she disagreed she had not just a right but a duty to explain why I was wrong, rather than gag my criticism, in the process denying others access to my arguments which I was never in any doubt would carry the day within Left Unity if I got a hearing.

Making this argument several times internally got me absolutely nowhere. Deciding I had no choice but to make my case on my blog lead to the change of Kate’s photograph within a very short time indeed. That might be a coincidence, I guess. I suspect, however, that had I not gone public, nothing would have changed. Not, that is, until Andrew Neil  or Jeremy Paxman raised it in a live televised interview.

What else? Others have started to contribute something on Left Unity’s website about Woolwich in the thread started by Kate’s CND article. Some of the contributions contain many excellent points. Hopefully we will get a lot more feedback. It is still just a trickle, but I guess we have to start somewhere.

There has to be a statement on behalf of the organisation, rather than everyone having their own ideas which, for the most part, they are choosing to keep to themselves. That is hardly a satisfactory situation for an organisation that aspires to unite the left and to become a key player in every political debate. So I will not be lifting the pressure on Left Unity issuing a statement, and doing so asap.

One final point. Contrary to what I argued in my last post (https://derekthomas2010.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/left-unity-fails-its-first-test-the-woolwich-atrocity/), one of my criticisms of Left Unity’s absence of a statement on Woolwich did get past the censors. I was forced to add it to a different thread that was not dedicated to Woolwich. I chanced my arm that it might make it through because the title of this article was so wide-ranging. Here is that article, including my comment on Woolwich: http://leftunity.org/all-ideas-should-be-out-in-the-open-for-debate/

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