Left Unity against Ed Miliband’s cluelessness:



“We are used to politicians saying the internet is great. If that’s all I’m saying there is no point my being here.”

Wrong, Comrade Miliband. There is no point you being here because you offer the voters just one more capitalist party.

As your father, Ralph, understood, capitalism is a society built upon the foundations of exploitation by those who own the means of production, distribution and exchange.

Wage slaves are the victims of capitalist exploitation. Workers of the world have to unite to expropriate the expropriators. And we need to unite against every single party that dances to the tune of these omni-shambling parasites, including yours.

The capitalists in the long-established advanced world are in chaos. They are drowning in debt. They simply don’t know how to restore their national rate of profit in order to stop them being flushed down the plughole of history by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Their only hope is to savagely attack the economic and political rights that the working class have established for themselves by struggles over many generations.

The capitalists and all those parties who defend their system (Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP, Labour and SNP) are lying to the voters. They are biding their time because not one of them has the bottle to tell the voters what lies in store for the ninety nine percent if we accept that the profit system is sacrosanct.

Every one of these parties of capitalism knows that they will suffer a catastrophic collapse in their vote if they jump the gun before any of the rest.

Ed Miliband’s Labour is no better than any of the rest of the leaders of these parties. Indeed in terms of competence he is by far the worst. His inability to think on his feet when questioned on live television or radio makes him personally a laughing stock, and that is why I don’t see him lasting all that long. Even a more inspirational leader, with charisma dripping from every pour, would only make it to the other side of a general election. Given that voters hate traitors even more than honest class enemies a Labour Prime Minister who did not deliver on his (or her) promises would be in trouble pretty much from day one.

All the parties of British capitalism conspire with the establishment’s mass media to defend NATO war criminals, their cowardly use of drones to murder men, women and children, and who turn a blind eye to the atrocity that is Guantanamo.

The establishment’s broadcast and print media are reduced to identifying a series of scapegoats to stop the victims of the capitalists uniting to defend our own interests in the here and now. These lies of the broadcast and print media is an integral part of their own preparations for launching an unremitting class war against the ninety nine percent.

For the moment, UKIP are the main beneficiaries of this electoral backlash against all the establishment parties. However, they come with a violent extra-parliamentary poison.

Tommy Robinson’s English Defense League and Nick Griffin’s British National Party thugs don’t quite constitute the paramilitary wings of Nigel Farage’s UKIP. Nevertheless, there is a commonality of interest. And that is to whip up a climate of xenophobia and Islamophobia. If successful, this will stop class unity against the capitalists who are to blame for all our misery.

Violent assaults against Muslims and ethnic minorities (whether they have lived here all their lives or not) is inevitable if the lies of SKY News, the BBC and Channel Four News go unchallenged. And Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet have abdicated their role of acting as the tribunes of all the oppressed.

Despite Ed Miliband’s craven surrender to capitalist exploitation, socialists nonetheless do remain buried inside the Labour Party: Owen Jones and John McDonnell, for instance. Of course socialists who stand candidates against Labour want to maintain a fraternal relationship with all socialists in the Labour Party. That goes without saying.

However, socialists have no option but to stand candidates against Labour, given the fact that it is a party lead by those who defend capitalist exploitation.

Ed Miliband refuses to promise to reverse any of the Tory cuts, all of which are essential from the perspective of the needs of restoring the rate of profit for British capitalists, whether they are ‘responsible’ capitalists or not.

Ed Miliband’s lie that he can borrow British capitalism’s way out of economic chaos impresses no one. Even if Labour forms a government (with or with Nick Clegg’s shower of Tory loving idiots), due to the electoral unpopularity of the Tories, won an election by default in other words, all election promises will prove meaningless.

Markets would crash all across the world if Labour choose to borrow on the free markets. They would have no option but to carry on with Tory cuts, telling those voters they had betrayed that the books were even worse than they realised and their voters will get a chance to kick them out in five years. FUCK OFF!

Ed Miliband’s polls would move into freefall, faster than France’s hapless Hollande’s.

All the capitalist parties today (and even more so under a Labour government that simply accelerated Tory austerity on behalf of the capitalist class) have set in motion a series of factors that breed the EDL and BNP fascists.

A barbaric Golden Dawn mass movement is what lies in store for the British working class and all the oppressed unless there is an alternative to all the parties of capitalism, one that taps into the growing alienation.

Such a party has to be built today, not after Ed Miliband gets the keys to 10 Downing Street. That will be far, far too late.

The eight thousand signatories to Ken Loach’s appeal for a new party of the left, one capable of uniting all socialists, have to play a part in the creation of a socialist party. But they cannot do it alone. They need to bring on board all those who intend to stand under the banner of TUSC: the Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Party. We all need to unite, and we need to do so immediately.

The inability of Left Unity to issue a statement on behalf of the organisation on the Woolwich atrocity speaks volumes. Every day more and more articles are placed onto Left Unity’s website, and not one of them deals with the events of Woolich which has dominated the news for almost a week, and has created opportunities for the BNP and the EDL, and reduced the Muslim community (men, women and children) to anxiety of an extreme nature.

Actually, that is slightly unfair. Kate Hudson regurgitated a statement she wrote on behalf of another organization. All references to ‘we’ in that statement finds Kate speaking on behalf of CND, not Left Unity. Additionally, that statement comes with a disclaimer saying Kate does not necessarily speak on behalf of Left Unity. And indeed she does not. While it contains good points, it is riddled with many very, very bad ones, with Left Unity’s leadership  apparently seeing no need to clarify the situation.

This means that Left Unity is burdened not only with a statement that represents no on in Left Unity other than Kate Hudson; the implication has to be that Left Unity is not that bothered about the Woolwich atrocity!

Given the mushrooming of violent attacks on Muslims, I think Left Unity has tossed away any chance it had to present itself as a progressive pole of attraction, especially where Muslims are concerned.

All the so-called sects have done a pretty decent job in getting the balance right. They have found no problem in condemning counterproductive vigilanteism, terrorism, and self appointed judge, jury and executioners. Such psychopaths are worse than useless. However, they are the price all of society is paying for the mass media’s indifference to the crimes of NATO.

Workers Power, Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Party, Socialist Appeal, Socialist Resistance etc can all help put an end to this tragic state of affairs by standing out against the media biases. But the reality is that Left Unity has bowed out of that struggle.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a heavy price will be paid at the ballot box for Left Unity’s ten strong leadership’s refusal to focus on the most important issue of the day, clearly hoping it will just go away. How deluded is that?

What, after all, is the point of getting any Left Unity candidate elected if the voters are going to be betrayed when the chips are down.

Can there be any doubt that Muslims will opt for George Galloway over Kate Hudson so long as she stands under the banner of an organisation that is oblivious to the key importance of the Woolwich atrocity, to the media’s lies about what caused it (NATO’s crimes), and to the inevitable rise of UKIP, BNP and the EDL insofar as voters are given no alternative to the lies of the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News and Ed Miliband.

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