Left Unity against the BBC!

BBC censorship creates a pressure cooker society

BBC censorship creates a pressure cooker society

I propose socialists unite against the BBC. When I call for left unity against the BBC, this is short-hand. By ‘left unity’, I am not referring exclusively to the ‘organization’ claiming 8,000 supporters, on the basis of an online petition. No, what I propose is a series of united fronts of all socialists across many parties. These  include the Labour Party, TUSC, Left Unity, all the so-called ‘sects’ that have attached themselves one way or another to any of these parties. I am also including left-wingers who, for want of any perceived alternative, have attached themselves to one of the other social democrat type parties: Greens and SNP, for example.

And by ‘the BBC’, I mean of course something broader than that broadcaster. That too is shorthand. The target I want all socialists to aim for is the entire mainstream broadcast media in the UK: SKY News, Channel Four News and the rest.

Okay, we have established who I want to unite, and who I want them to unite against. Now we turn to why we need to unite and how do we go about that.

The BBC’s Political Editor – Toryboy Nick Robinson – publicly puts pressure on David Cameron’s government to give even more powers to MI5 and the rest of the police services who did the following:

  • gave us the murder of Catholic civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane.
  • spent decades smearing the Hillsborough victims for crimes committed by the police and Rupert Murdoch’s editors.
  • took bribes from Rupert Murdoch’s editors to look the other way as News International engaged in criminality on an industrial scale.
  • spent public funds to help undercover cops like Mark Stone Kennedy sleep his way through environmental activists, then frame them and their male and female friends, all of which constitutes state-sponsored sexual and psychological abuse, as well as prostitution, entrapment and more.

That is merely the tip of the iceberg of, course. But you get the point, right?

The powers Nick Robinson wants to hand MI5 and co will be used against genuine investigative journalists like Channel Four News’ Andy Davies, whose exposee of police corruption and News International’s role of the murder of Daniel Morgan seems to have been censored by the rest of the mass media. All courageous journalists will be locked up for exposing Nick Robinson’s friends in the Conservative Party for, eg, helping Rupert Murdoch and corrupt cops to lock up those who expose conspiracies to pervert the course of justice by present and former prime ministers: Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron, to name but two.

Nick Robinson wants to help MI5 be able to recruit deranged psychopaths like the killers of Pat Finucane and the Woolwich vigilante Michael Adebolajo.

Nick Robinson wants extremists kept off the broadcast media? Fine. But who exactly are these extremists, Nick? What about apologists for NATO’s drone strikes that massacre men, women and children in the Muslim community? Does President Obama qualify as an extremist for his use of these illegal weapons that create so many casualties amongst the innocent? If not, why not?

Do the editors at the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News not qualify as ‘extremists’ for their gagging all critics of the mass murder of innocent Muslims in Pakistan and elsewhere? And if not, why not?

What about Guantanamo? Cathy Newman, Gavin Esler, Adam Boulton and co all turn a blind eye to the 1984 style totalitarian nightmare of a mass media that doesn’t care about innocent people locked up for decades with no hope of ever getting out, of suffering degrading treatment, of actual torture. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

The unremitting propaganda by Channel Four News, SKY News and the BBC on behalf of NATO war criminals helps the British National Party, the English Defense League and UKIP. Nick Robinson knows it does. Nick Robinson does not care.

Individual Muslims are scared to walk the streets and Mosques are firebombed because there is a tinderbox atmosphere created by the liars who broadcast NATO propaganda into all our living-rooms day-in, day-out.

The EDL thugs mushroom uncontrollably because Britain’s mass media deny their illiterate supporters (including hundreds of thousands if not more passive backers) access to the factors that explain the resentment and alienation of so many Muslims in Britain and all across the world.

Jon Snow, Adam Boulton, Gavin Esler et al withhold key facts from the general public that they have both a right and a duty to know.

These broadcasters deliberately deny millions of ordinary voters ammunition essential to successfully rebuff the blind prejudices of Tommy Robinson’s English Defense League.

Don’t these broadcasters understand that in the absence of a politically informed general public the disinfectant society needs to put an end to the fascist pestilence has gone awol?

Don’t they appreciate the inevitable consequence of social unrest? Can’t they anticipate the rise of a Golden Dawn type mass movement on the one hand and of more Al Qaeda atrocities on the other? Are they really that naive?

None of this is not to justify the Woolwich murder. That is a crime without justification. However, society needs to address how such deranged psychopaths tip over the edge into criminal insanity.

Unless and until Channel Four News, the BBC and SKY News help Muslims (and the rest of society) actually debate Guantanamo, drone strikes etc, Britain’s broadcasters will forever remain part of the problem. UK broadcaster censorship is contributing to the growth of these “an eye for an eye, a life for a life” vigilantes.

What we need, and as a matter of urgency, is to rationally debate how to stop barbarians determined to take the war against terror onto the streets of Britain, France and the rest of the world. And the UK media is utterly clueless on this, with nothing but a series of proposals designed to make a bad situation much, much worse.

Socialists need to challenge every supporter of violent extremism. And we need to explain why the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson – with his apology for MI5, Guantanamo and NATO drone strikes – ought to qualify as just such an extremist.

Nick Robinson’s enthusiasm for silencing all critics of MI5, NATO, Guantanamo etc is designed to help the unaccountable part of the British state to lock up socialists who won’t toe the line, who refuse to be intimidated by Theresa May’s apologists.

Nick Robinson, Cathy Newman et al will lead to even greater intimidation by the EDL thugs, and persecution by an even more unaccountable police force.

The inevitable refusal of Muslims to shut up about drones and Guantanamo will lead to innocent socialists and democrats spending more and more time in jail. All their relatives will become prone to the propaganda of Al Qaeda terrorists since the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News are conspiring with the Home Secretary to make Muslims think that only the terrorists oppose these crimes against humanity.

The strategy of Nick Robinson and co is one that is tried, tested, and exposed as utterly bankrupt. We saw what happened when it was used in Northern Ireland. All they succeeded in doing was push so many young Catholics into the arms of terrorism, with a tit for tat war in which Catholics and Protestants both suffered. Does Nick Robinson want more of that? Jesus Christ!

The governors of the BBC are terrified to their very bones of any socialist alternative to Al Qaeda, much more so than they are of Al Qaeda. And that is why they do not care that their whitewashing of the causes of the Woolwich atrocity massively boosts the EDL fascists.

The EDL are effectively the paramilitary wing in-the-making of the United Kingdom Independence Party: anti-Muslim liars of the United Kingdom unite: you have nothing to lose but our civilization and our democracy.

The BBC’s editors know that they are forcing more and more young alienated Muslims down the mistaken path of an eye for an eye, a life for a life. They realise that the longer it takes the BBC to offer the British electorate a genuine debate (rather than deranged NATO and MI5 propaganda), the greater number of Woolwich copycats atrocities will litter the history books.

If one act of terrorist outrage did not force the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News to sit up and take notice, then maybe those inspired by Al Qaeda need to keep it up the establishment gets the message: that is the rationale behind these Al Qaeda psychopaths.

This judge, jury and executioner barbarism will destroy the lives of those who opt for it, but they have sold their souls to a higher power, their ethics is beyond reason with us mere mortals.

More innocent people will die if the BBC et al have their way because those who are committing such atrocities are beyond reason. None of them care which of us is innocent or not. They are barbarians. Their justification for all this slaughter is that they are only giving non-Muslims a taste of our own medicine, and if the occasional innocent Muslim dies or is maimed in the process, then this collateral damage will be compensated in the afterlife, an afterlife that I for one don’t believe in and one compensation that those who do believe in might not find acceptable.

In their eyes of the Woolwich killers all non-Muslims are all as guilty as each other. Collective punishment against the lot of us is fine by them because. Why? Because they have completely lost their minds.

Al Qaeda killers do need to be locked up. This is essential to protect society. No one doubts that. This is also essential for the safety of such killers, as they would be lynched by EDL tortures if they were allowed to walk they streets.

The question we need to ask ourselves is how did these young men (and women too on occasion) get so detached from humanity in the first place. I point the finger fairly and squarely in the direction of the British broadcasters and most of their print media counterparts. Every one of these broadcasters now reduce their news, politics and current affairs output to little more than the propaganda arm of NATO and MI5: Jon Snow, Jeremy Paxman, Adam Boulton and co.

Members of the National Union of Journalists have to organize to defend the right to free speech against a situation which helps polarize society to the benefit of both Al Qaeda and the EDL. The sooner this cancer that is Britain’s broadcast media is widely accepted and dealt with the sooner we can tackle the growth of vigilante fascist thugs of a ‘Christian’ and a non-Christian variety.

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2 Responses to Left Unity against the BBC!

  1. I support this proposal. How do we get any proposals to the recently elected provisional organising Committee.? Also, surely, since their election, there have been meetings of that Cttee? Where are the Minutes? A national meeting in Doncaster ( of the leadership) is coming up. What will be discussed? How will locals feed into that meeting? What is the aim of it? Will there be minutes for the membership?


    • TomDelargy says:

      Hi Kath. To be honest, my proposal was more rhetorical (which is not to say satirical) than literal. If a degree of coordination between separate organizations proved possible, I would be over the moon. Possibly these proposals could be discussed internally within Left Unity, then raised at the People’s Parliament and other groups. But I am not sure there has to be any official agreement. If the ideas are out there, it is more a matter of the rank and file of socialists in the left-wing groups raising these points, then implementing them on twitter, facebook, in telephone call-in shows like Any Answers, etc, and fighting to get representatives of the anti-capitalist left onto every discussion panel, whether that be Owen Jones, Dave Nellist, Ken Loach, Mark Serwotka, Bob Crow etc. Since there is, so far, no electoral non-agression pact between TUSC, Left Unity, Labour lefties nor the other socialist parties, total unity on such matters is not possible. However, socialists across several parties need to try to unite insofar as that is possible. And considerable unity is possible, if we identify capitalism as our enemy rather than each other.


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