John Penney on Jonno’s support for Tommy Robinson:

  • John Penney
  • May 28, 2013 at 9:16 pm
  • Jonno, leave it alone, matey. You are very tentative in spelling out what your “core point” actually is , in amongst all your usual laughable “I’m such a horny handed worker…. and everyone else is just a Lefty middle class snobby wanker” pose, but from previous posts it is quite clear that you are simply picking up the now dropped “political baton” from the totally failed IWCA workerist initiative of the 1990′s. Strip away all your criticisms of the Austerity Offensive and what you are saying is ” the Left needs to surrender to the anti Muslim, anti migrant worker, sentiment present in significant sections of the White Working Class, and adopt suitably slipperily worded policy objectives to attract people to our ranks who are the natural voting support of the BNP”. It can all be dressed up with pseudo leftish pronouncements against “identity politics” and being in favour of “pro working class policies” – rather than ” multiculturalist” politics which are claimed to “split the working class”, but its actually pure reactionery political poison.
  • Sorry , Jonno, you’re wasting your time, Left Unity is never going to embrace policies which make concessions to bigotry, in the guise of a bogus but actually Lumpen, reactionery, “workerism”. A genuine radical Left party should not, and of course cannot “outflank” the Far Right by adopting their key obsessions and policies.A racist mythology conceded to is a racist hysteria which simply grows ever greater. First it is “just” the EU migrant workers that are demonised as “a problem” – oh yes, and “a few Muslim extremists”. Eventually it is the entire non-White community in the UK which becomes “the enemy within” – the target for the mob’s scapegoating rage and attacks. Exactly as has occurred in Greece as the old ruling parties have conceded ground again and again to racism and anti immigrant hysteria – only to actually grow the racist hysteria, and the forces of organised Nazism ever stronger.
  • The Left has to stand firm against the racist storm, offer solidarity with all our ethnic minority communities, and try to work and build resistance to the capitalist Austerity Offensive which unites as many people from as many components of the broad working class, manual worker and white collar (middle class), black and white, as is humanly possible, on a progressive , socialist programme.
  • All your repeated recommendations that Left Unity embrace hostility to immigration offers us is division and concession to the unending efforts of the capitalist class to distract us from the real cause of the 2008 World Crash , and the resulting homelessness, the privatisation of the NHS, mass unemployment, lack of youth opportunities, ie, the capitalist system itself .
  • Your obvious admiration of Tommy Robinson and the EDL is misplaced – he is a dangerous fascist rabble-rousing bigot, whose ramshackle EDL project is actually in the throes of utter collapse. Forget it, Jonno, Left Unity isn’t going to jump on any Islamophobic or anti immigrant “bandwagons’. If you want to, then there are organisations ready and willing to recruit you.

John Penney’s wonderful comment on Sophie Katz’s less than wonderful “Clash of Civilizations”:

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