Kate Hudson’s Liberal Paralysis on Woolwich:

Kate Hudson’s response to the Woolwich atrocity has exposed the problems with Left Unity’s leadership.

Left Unity to this day remains the only ‘organization’ claiming to be part of the left that has issued no statement on the Woolwich atrocity. Apparently that is a strength of Left Unity as far as Kate Hudson is concerned. This makes Left Unity robust as it is less likely to split since everyone can do and say whatever they want? Bullshit!

A jelly is not brittle. But no matter how tasty the flavor if you are fighting a class war jelly is not the perfect weapon now, is it?

Does Kate truly believe Left Unity will become a party of the left if there is no collective discipline on the leadership of the ‘organization’? I don’t. Why would anyone lend their votes to Left Unity if Jeremy Paxman, Gavin Esler, Cathy Newman and Andrew Neil go through questions raised by articles posted onto Left Unity’s website and it is all over the place with something there to repel absolutely everyone? I know the answer to that one, Kate: no one will vote for Left Unity.

A broadcast media hostile to the ninety nine percent is what we have in Britain today. Their job is not to be fair in coverage of news, current affairs nor politics, but simply to act as cheerleaders for NATO war criminals, the Monarchy, MI5, strike breakers and those who own and control the means of production, distribution and exchange. It goes without saying that the proprietors and editors of all the mass media will expose every embarrassing fact pertaining to Left Unity, and the website is littered with such embarrassing facts.

One of the two articles Left Unity carries on the Woolwich atrocity is penned by Sophie Katz. In it we find her expressing agreement with the fascist English Defense League and the likes of Al Qaeda that terrorist acts such as we saw at Woolwich represent a “clash of civilizations”: http://leftunity.org/the-clash-of-civilisations/.

Although it is not spelt out in explicit terms, the implication appears to be that Sophie opts for the Al Qaeda side in this equation. However, what these two groups represent is a clash of barbarism. Left Unity has nothing in common with either of these reactionary and poisonous idiots.

While Sophie Katz seems to side with Al Qaeda, someone going by the name of ‘Jonno’ expresses his support for Tommy Robinson, in particular his sense of humour and his policies on immigration. WHAT THE FUCK!

Complaining about this state of affairs is not tolerated by Kate Hudson anymore. She appears to want to gag her critics, and nothing I post there anymore sees the light of day.

Well, Kate, you may have the ability to censor me from the Left Unity website, but you can’t shut me up. My guess is that many of the 8,000 signatories of Ken Loach’s petitition will take a look at my criticisms of you on my blog, twitter and Facebook.

My guess is also that some of them will agree with me one hundred percent that it is better to sort out the problems that I have identified, rather than to wait until Kate Hudson and other Left Unity candidates are exposed on live television in a way that will destroy any electoral support it might have established, by default, as UKIP’s none-of-the-above protest vote starts to see through Nigel Farage’s ultra-Thatcherite politics.

The time to transform Kate Hudson’s Left Paralysis into a geuninely democratic Left Unity has to start today. Given the fact that Kate Hudson would still be laughing her head off at the Woolwich atrocity had I not explained to her how ridiculous this is, I would, in all humility, suggest that banning me from the website is not helping that process.

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3 Responses to Kate Hudson’s Liberal Paralysis on Woolwich:

  1. buddyhell says:

    That stuff from “jonno” as John Penney points out is IWCA “workerist” bullshit. The IWCA may have done some good things but imitating right-wing positions in order to appeal to a mythical (in their eyes) working class was only ever going to lead to a dead end.


  2. TomDelargy says:

    Thank ‘god’ for John Penney. Unfortunately, I don’t think Kate Hudson will tolerate him or any revolutionary for a whole lot longer. She clearly feels much more comfortable with the likes of Mark Perryman who doesn’t seem left-wing in the slightest to me, with politics even worse than Neil Kinnock’s. Left Unity’s current leadership is going nowhere.
    Unless today’s leadership voluntarily subjects themselves to the kind of democratic scrutiny they don’t seem to like, Left Unity is destined to rapidly degenerate into just another sect, nothing to contribute to the left except one more split in the left-of-Labour vote? Fantastic.
    Kate Hudson, I believe, hopes Left Unity will transform itself into, at best, a clone of RESPECT, but without a charismatic orator and debater who can run rings over interviewers or US Senators, nor anyone with an ability to throw himself/herself into the heat of battle over NATO’s war crimes.
    There are 8,000 signatories to Ken Loach’s appeal for Left Unity. If This project collapses, then TUSC has to give a home to the best of that 8,000. One road to stop it collapsing is urgently negotiating with TUSC an electoral non-aggression pact. In the absence of such a pact, and if revolutionary critics of Kate Hudson’s mishandling of the Woolwich atrocity continue to be gagged, then Left Unity will have committed suicide.


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