Cathy Newman’s violent stalking fan now accuses me of hacking?

Cathy Newman’s biggest fan, who goes by the Twitter name of Adiskype, has threatened to find out where I live and he has threatened to headbutt me. At any rate, he threatens to give me a Liverpool Kiss. I assume that is the same as a Glasgow Kiss, which I believe is slang for a headbutt.

As Cathy Newman or the Channel Four News editor could no doubt explain to Cathy’s number one fan, what he has done constitutes a criminal offense.

Having been exposed, however, Adiskype is now running for cover. He claims he never tweeted any of this. He claims he was not on line at the time any of these tweets made their way through cyberspace.

I guess it is possible that some violent stalker made these threats to me and tried to frame Adiskype. But if that what Adiskype wants us to believe, presumably he will help me and the police identify who exactly hacked into his twitter account. I know it was not me. I can prove it wasn’t me. I also know that, in addition to everything else, Adiskype has opened himself up to libel by accusing me of hacking his account. What he is tweeting is actionable and if he has any money he should prepare to hand it over.

I further know that Adiskype is lying when he says that none of these tweets were sent from his Twitter account. And if he wasn’t on-line when any of these tweets appeared, how could he possibly know they did not appear on his twitter account? Interesting.

Twitter can help the police discover if those who follow Adiskype saw these tweets. Since the tweets were deleted, the police can find out (with the help of Twitter) from which computer or electronic device these tweets were deleted. I know it wasn’t mine. Was it Adiskype’s? My guess is that it was.

Furthermore, the police can find out if Adiskype’s witnesses are prepared to corroborate any of his bullshit. My guess is that they will run a mile.

While I don’t for one second think that Channel Four News editor or Cathy Newman want to be associated in any way with Adiskype’s cyber-stalking, threats of violence, and ridiculous accusations that I hacked his twitter account, it would be nice if Cathy and her editor would say that publicly. That will help Adiskype get the kind of reality check he might need before he does try to find out where I live and carry out his threats.

I’d really appreciate that, comrades.

Cathy Newman’s violent stalker fan says I hacked his account

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