Kevin Macguire and illegal general strikes:

“Yet talk of a General Strike will remain just that, talk, when union leaders know it would be illegal.”

So says Kevin Macguire:

The problem with Kevin’s explanation for the impossibility of a general strike is twofold. In the first place, lots of things are illegal, including the use of undercover cops paid out of our taxes to infiltrate the trade unions in order to help corrupt bosses to destroy lives, stop us resorting to wildcat strikes to impose health and safety legislation flouted by criminal employers.

Using undercover cops to infiltrate the trade unions as agent provocateurs in order to entrap naive youths into committing crimes they would not otherwise have considered… That is also illegal. That doesn’t stop Theresa May turning a blind eye to such crimes.

Denying trade unionists free movement during the Miners Strike? Wasn’t that illegal? But Ernie Wise to Kevin socialist Eric Morecambe on Sky News paper review a few hours ago justified the use of undercover cops, and corrupt Home Secretaries, breaking these laws to bolster a capitalist system. Whatever deluded, corrupt war criminals like Tony Blair say, or their hapless toadies of today (Ed Miliband for example) think, capitalism is fueled by unpaid labour pumped out of those who do not own the means of production, distribution and exchange.

Organized labour (trade unions) do not stop exploitation. The best they can hope for is setting limits on the rate of exploitation by the profiteering parasites. And that is where Kevin’s illusions on the impossibility of the general strike comes a cropper.

Extending the franchise involved the use of illegal acts. Americans were given no option but to break the law to break free of British tyranny.

The heckler at the last rally of Nikolai Ceausescu set in motion a political avalanche that toppled a monolithic totalitarian regime within hours.

Revolutionary events are sparked by the most unexpected things, and the technical legality of a course of action tends not to prove decisive, comrade Macguire.

Revelations within the last twenty four hours about the illegality of the forces of law and order, broadcast in last night’s Dispatches programme on Channel Four have tipped the class forces in Britain yet again. In favour of the good guys.

Secret police are doing to the victims of crime what the fascist killers of Stephen Lawrence did. Metropolitan Police Commissioners and Home Secretaries do not have their eye on the ball of catching the criminals. Their priority is to behave like a gang of criminals to smear those who would expose these crimes committed by corrupt police officers.

These revelations will inevitably further undermine respect for the forces of law and order defended by William Hague and Theresa May. Their chances of winning public support for handing more power to cops to spy 0n us, with these Tory bastards trusted to protect us from cops out of control is simply laughable.

The illegality of the general strike only works if the masses accept the authority of those who administer the law. Is that what we see in Britain today, Kevin? No, it is not.

Trade unions are going to take illegal strike action sooner or later, and everybody who is not economically illiterate knows that. Any socialist oblivious to that fact is deluded. Not only must it happen in order to put an end to the rule of the omnishambling gang of parasitic gamblers, but it will happen because regardless of how hard David Cameron’s cheerleader Chris Patten and Nigel Farage puppeteer Rupert Murdoch try to gag socialists, we are finding an echo amongst all the exploited and oppressed. That is why the People’s Assembly trended all day Saturday, while Ed Milband’s attempt to steal the limelight by embracing still more Tory cuts was ignored, except by the voices of the establishment paid by Tories Chris Patten and Rupert Murdoch.

Ed Miliband, Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, Ed Balls and co can raise their white flag of surrender in the hope of winning applause from Jo Coburn, Cathy Newman and Anna Botting, but the people are far from impressed.

The People’s Assemby, Left Unity and TUSC are going to get our act together and expose the lack of support for Miliband’s Blairite treachery, his capitulation to the richest one percent.

Britain has been reduced to a pressure cooker society. Why exactly is that? Partly, this is due to the straightjacket imposed on investigative journalists (bar the rare oasis, like Panorama’s blacklisting expose or last night’s Dispatches).

Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News, Chris Patten’s BBC and whoever is responsible for the complete shambles at Channel Four provide the voters with a shower of Thatcherite idiots shadow boxing at the margins of politics, boring us all to death, other than political anoraks who spend all day shouting abuse at these lying bastards.

There is precious little outlet for the anxieties and concerns of the majority of the people, especially those who suffer most from a capitalist society in crisis, and that provides the raw material for another round of counterproductive riots. Either riots or other forms of explosions.

Mass political strikes are on their way, Kevin. And when the volcano blows, Ed Miliband’s One Nation Tory bullshit will be blown into the dustbin of history.

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4 Responses to Kevin Macguire and illegal general strikes:

  1. buddyhell says:

    When a Grunwick’s manager ran over Jayaben Desai’s foot in 1978, that was illegal and the cops turned a blind eye to it.


  2. TomDelargy says:

    I can remember as though it was yesterday when I watched the Grunswick picket on the news at my gran’s house during dinnertime while I was at school. One of my uncles watched it with me. He said if they picketed outside his business he would shoot them. I didn’t know what to say, but didn’t want to upset my gran, so I just filed it away for future reference.


  3. teddymcnabb says:

    “mass political strikes are on there way”……in Greece, Turkey, Spain etc , not U.K They only do Grand Old Duke of York days out.


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