Open Letter to Douglas Alexander MP about Renfrewshire Council [Part I]:

Dear Douglas Alexander,

You are my member of parliament. I don’t particularly like you. Nor do I trust you. I do not believe for one second that you will help me with any of the issues I am going to raise with you. However, I am going to put to the test my theory about your untrustworthiness. There is a job you are supposed to do, and I am willing to give you enough rope to hang yourself. By the way, this is not the first draft of this letter, and if you think I am being undiplomatic,…

I think I have had communications with you only once before. You responded to one of my tweets (can’t remember if it was while you were on Jonathon Dimbleby’s Any Questions, but I think it probably was. You suggested I must have you mixed up with Danny Alexander. Nope, I considered the pair of these Alexanders as appalling Tories. So, I have never pulled my punches when it comes to you, Comrade Alexander, and I have no intention of starting now.

And I intend to explain why I have no confidence  in your willingness to lift a finger to offer support to this particular constituent of yours, then others can determine whether you have proven me wrong.

Comrade, Alexander, I was at the count at Paisley Town Hall the day you were first elected to the House of Commons. I was there as a polling agent of Frances Curran, the representative of the Scottish Socialist Alliance, which within months metamorphosed itself into the Scottish Socialist Party.

While Frances Curran did poorly at this very high-profile by-election (the first during Tony Blair’s abuse of power as Prime Minister), she was eventually elected to Holyrood on the back of Tommy Sheridan’s popularity several years later. It is my contention that Frances Curran abused her role as a Member of the Scottish Parliament under orders from British Intelligence, and maybe members of the Privy Council (such as yourself would be privy to such undercover work by British Intelligence, or possibly be able to ask questions on behalf of a constituent who suffered as a consequence of crimes committed by such agents/assets of British Intelligence.

I further allege (as I have for years) that it was in order to protect identity of Frances Curran as working as an agent/asset of British Intelligence that the British state paid Curran and others to commit perjury in order to send Tommy Sheridan to jail. That is my contention and I am not just willing, but positively enthusiastic to be questioned about what I know under oath in a court of law, with charges of perjury hanging over my head if I deliberately lie in court.

I further believe that David Cameron was well aware that several agents/assets of British Intelligence joined Frances Curran to commit perjury to send Tommy Sheridan to jail, and that this explains why people close to Downing Street have been charged with perjury.

Why am I getting in touch with you now, Comrade Alexander? That is a very good question. This is going to take some time to answer. And I am not going to say everything in this blog post which is a mere introduction to a very complex appeal for help; I have to start somewhere….

A few days ago we discovered that of ten members of an elite unit (Special Demonstrations Squad within Special Branch) were paid to infiltrate the far left, nine illegally had sex with targets of their spying. We know that these spies ignored legal niceties about about search warrants. We know they had children with women who were intensely psychologically tortured after their allegedly loving partners disappeared off the map leaving them unable to get on with the rest of their lives. We now know that the Metropolitan Police (possibly sanctioned by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police at the time, although he denies this) tried to frame friends of Stephen Lawrence, and his parents too, in the hope of stop the campaign that was trying to send fascist killers to jail. We know these undercover cops, who were rewarded personally by Met Police Commissioner with champagne, wanted to frame socialists intent on exposing the extent of institutional racism that infected the Metropolitan Police. We have also heard from some of the victims of these Special Branch undercover cops express the feeling the spies acted as agent provocateurs, trying to drag naive youths into committing crimes they knew to be entirely counterproductive…. Well, I think I have suffered at the hands of at least two senior members of the far left who I have reason to believe are in the pay of British Intelligence, and I am going to do whatever I can to get this investigated.

The first of the two individuals I believe to be agents/assets of British Intelligence are ex-Labour Party National Executive Committee member and former list MSP for the West of Scotland, Frances Curran. The second agent/asset is former national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party and subsequently editor of Socialist Worker, Chris Bambery.

[end of part I]

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