Unity of all socialists against Ed Miliband’s gang of Blairite bastards!

Socialists could be witnessing the straw that broke the camel’s back for the entire trade union movement. TUSC, Left Unity and People’s Assembly need to unite to give a voice to trade unionists. Not just in Falkirk but everywhere else. There is no going back for Ed Miliband. He wants to intimidate any trade unionist who wants more than to subsidise Labour MPs, but actually to have a vote in determining the candidate. Trade unionists are lepers for him, and that is why they will be open to the argument that they have to start from scratch as they did when they first abandoned the Liberals. But socialists need to compromise to unite all the new forces, especially due to first-past-the-post, and also the need to pull all our resources at proportional representation elections. TUSC might not get the best candidates we can, but unity is what the working class is crying out for, unity against Ed Miliband’s Blairites as well as Nigel Farage’s Thatcherite xenophobes. Such unity is the perfect environment for Marxists to win the ear of our class, and to start an extra-parliamentary fightback, especially, but not only, in the workplaces. Roll on mass strikes!

If Ed Miliband wants money, let him go with a begging bowl to the CBI conference and see if they want to subsidise a pointless Blairite jester who gets caught lying, smearing his critics, denying anyone the right to see the ‘evidence’ against them.

There is not a single socialist who supports Ed Miliband’s witch hunt against trade unionists in Falkirk or anyone else. The only point of Ed Miliband is to help Rupert Murdoch and Chris Patten as a figleaf to hide their rabid Tory liars like Jeremy Paxman, Gavin Esler, Allegra Stratton, Jo Coburn, Jon Sopel, etc, etc, etc.

The reality is that the employees are represented by no one in the studios of the Daily Politics, Sunday Politics, This Week, Newsnight, Question Time. Occasionally, they do shove a token socialist on. But whenever that happens, Ed Miliband’s representative appears indistinguishable from the Tories, often even worse.

Andrew Neil pretends Morsi and David Cameron were democratically elected. That is a fantasy. Democracy requires the voters to have all the relevant facts. And Chris Patten and Rupert Murdoch ensure that they voters are denied facts, are lied to day in, day out, 24-7.

To get democracy, voices of the employees have to win access to the airwaves. And that requires pulling the plug on Ed Miliband’s Blairites. Trade unions should sponsor those who put people before profits, and that is the job, in part, of the trade unions.

Let us fight to have our voices in Question Time, Newsnight, Daily Politics, Channel Four News, Skypapers etc represented by Owen Jones, Mark Serwotka, Bob Crow, Dave Nellist, Ken Loach, Matt Wrack, Salma Yaqoob. If anyone wants to vote for Ed Miliband, good luck to them.

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