Time to expel Chris Bambery’s spy in the SWP – Mike Gonzalez:

Dear SWP central committee loyalists,

Mark Bergfeld‘s factionalists are lying through their teeth. They continue to consciously organize for the destruction of the Socialist Workers Party. Not one of them has a clue about the meaning of democratic centralism.

Leninism must be defended against these people whose objective role (and in most cases their subjective one too) is to liquidate a democratic centralist organisation that has over many decades organized many thousands of Marxists sacrificing so much.

Regardless of how much damage Mark Bergfeld’s liars do to this thorn in the side of the British ruling class and their special bodies of armed men (and women too), they must not be allowed to hide their anti-Marxist politics away in the shadows. Let’s subject this politics to a rigorous analysis.

Why exactly is Mike Gonzalez quite so determined to help the capitalist state (with its Special Branch undercover cops engaging in state rape, the harvesting of dead children’s identities, acting as agent provocateurs, engaging in the anarchist tactic of fire bombing then framing naive comrades, committing perjury a la Bob Lambert, attempting to protect the fascist killers of Stephen Lawrence, framing his friend who was the only witness, trying to smear Stephen’s parents and all their supporters….

Democratic centralism is needed to undermine those who defend the undercover cops who infiltrate the left. I am pointing the finger apologetically in the direction of Mike Gonzalez. I am more than happy to challenge Mike to a game of Who Does The Jury Believe, under oath before a jury of my peers, with the possibility of conviction for perjury hanging over my head if they don’t believe me, a challenge I very much doubt Mike Gonzalez has the guts to accept.

Those who have organized a faction inside the SWP in defiance of majority votes (a series of such votes) do not have a clue about the meaning of Leninism. A split with these people is inevitable, as it has been inevitable for months. It is inevitable because that is exactly what these people want, what they have consciously been working towards for months.

Richard Seymour managed to leave behind traces of his tumor, working hand-in-glove with Chris Bambery and John Chamberlain’s politically radioactive waste. Those two generals have a verifiable track record of deploying their trusted entryists, of infiltrating Marxist groups such as the SWP, doing so with the sole purpose of fomenting paranoia, turning comrade against comrade. Both Chris Bambery and John Chamberlain/John Bridge/Jack Conrad also make use of anti-party elements already there. And both are making excellent use of one Mike Gonzalez. And all three of these individuals have questions to answer about state agents in the SWP, about their having been hanging around in the upper layers of the party going all the way back to the mid-1980s.

Time to wake up, comrades. Time to wake up and smell the presence of MI5/Special Branch. Time to get real and cut out the Chris Bambery’s state-sanctioned cancer.

And it is last chance for the factionalists who are relying on ignorance of the norms of Leninism as their excuse for rallying to the cause of this state-orchestrated witch hunt.

While I was expelled by Chris Bambery, Colin Philips and Mike Gonzalez in 1987, I remain the SWP member today that I have always been, at least in spirit. That is something Bambery and Gonzalez couldn’t take away from me.

I call on all SWP loyalists to defend Chris Harman’s politics and cut out Chris Bambery’s state-sanctioned cancer. Good luck.

Yours in comradeship,
Tom Delargy

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