David Cameron, Tommy Robinson and Death:

Conservative Party member supports Tommy Robinson's fascists

Conservative Party member supports Tommy Robinson’s fascists

@Death_1135 claims on his Twitter bio to be a Conservative Party member, and four out of six videos on his page celebrates the violent Islamophobe Tommy Robinson, whose rhetoric has incited violent hate crimes against Muslims. Is that okay in the world of the Back-To-Basics Tory Party?

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2 Responses to David Cameron, Tommy Robinson and Death:

  1. Grim Reaper says:

    These aren’t my videos you clown. These are videos I’ve commented on. I totally disagree with the EDL being arrested for walking through Tower Hamlets. This is supposed to be a free country.

    You’re an idiot. Nice try at a smear though.


    • TomDelargy says:

      Hi, Grim Reaper. Did I say they were your videos? No. I merely comment on the fact that 66% of the videos on your twitter page defend Tommy Robinson who is a violent fascist whose members think it is funny to boast about launching KKK type mobs firing burning arrows at Mosques to burn them down. Apparently those you love so much think this incitement to racial hatred, and arson of the sacred property of a religious community, potentially with men, women and children there at the time is okay, so long as they pretend they were joking. If some of their members failed to read between the lines and put their petrol cans where Tommy Robinson’s friend’s mouths are, then they will shrug their shoulders and invite the police, lawyers and a jury to prove this was more than a joke. I am not sure that David Cameron will be quite so blase about members of the Conservative Party being quite so supportive of Tommy Robinson’s violent thugs. Then again, maybe he will prove me wrong.


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