The truth about Ed Miliband’s Falkirk fiasco:

This is a wonderful programme, and it can be downloaded from the BBC’s website here: It proves that the BBC still employs excellent journalists; they just tend to be denied access to front line television, with a handful of exceptions.

We have here a wonderful expose of the liars in all the main political parties represented at Westminster and in all the UK based broadcasting networks, all of whom tried to frame innocent trade unionists, getting them charged with an imaginary offense, and all without letting any one of the accused see a shred of so-called evidence. Ed Miliband saw to it that these people were suspended. He encouraged the broadcast and print media to launch an atrocious witch hunt against Tom Watson, Len McCluskey, and the entire trade union movement.

However, as I predicted, Ed Miliband’s lies proved insufficiently competent to lead to the police pressing charges against anyone. Nevertheless, those suspended from the Labour Party, and all those Labour Party members signed up legitimately remain disenfranchised. All these people are still denied natural justice. When will Ed Miliband get down on his knees and beg forgiveness of all his victims? When will he reinstate those suspended? And when will he issue the unequivocal apology necessary to stop his victims pursuing him, his Shadow Cabinet colleagues and all their friends at the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News for slander and libel?

Ed Miliband will be held to account by the entire trade union movement. Comrade Miliband can hardly anticipate long queues of trade unionists handing cash and votes to a party whose leaders so enthusiastically dance to the tune of Rupert Murdoch and Chris Patten’s anti-trade union agenda. Get real.

Thanks to Ed Miliband’s incompetence, and treachery, the Tories now have an excellent chance of winning the next general election, winning it alongside Nigel Farage’s ultra-Thatcherites as coalition partners. This seems counterintuitive, but it is in reality almost inevitable given the anti-trade union media bias of the BBC, SKY and Channel Four News, the anti-democratic first-past-the-post electoral system, added to which we have a Labour Party under Ed Miliband’s leadership which offers voters nothing but mind-boggling incompetence.

Finally, everyone knows that we all hate traitors more than we do open enemies. Ed Miliband has committed electoral hari kari as an individual and wants to drag everyone else down with him. The sooner the trade union movement cuts him adrift the better.

Hannah Barnes and her Radio 4 colleagues on this programme are to be congratulated on an excellent piece of truly objective investigative journalism. Thank you. I hope uploading this to Youtube is okay with the owners of the copyrite. If not, I will take it down.

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