Left Unity is socialist or it is utterly without point:

The following is an edited version of a comment left on Nick Wrack’s Facebook page in response to a member of Left Unity’s leadership: https://www.facebook.com/nick.wrack/posts/10151581843237263?comment_id=28370458&offset=0&total_comments=10

  • Salman, if I have seen you on SKY News, I have forgotten. You never made your mark. That is not necessarily a complaint about your effectiveness because I have no idea what you may have said.
  • No one is saying that Rupert Murdoch’s SKY and Chris Patten’s BBC never allow a lefty on, just that this is to pose as fair when they are anything but.
  • UKIP gets airtime partly because they pander to the prejudices of a key section of the capitalist class. But they also get airtime because this can be justified due to their polling. Left Unity needs to register, and it has not yet, nor come close to doing so.
  • Indeed, Left Unity is incapable of registering in the polls so long as it refuses to pose any alternative to the Tories, Lib Dems, Labour, UKIP etc in the electoral arena. And, incredibly, many of the critics of the Socialist Platform want to write Ed Miliband’s wretched Blairites a blank cheque for as much as another five years. Jesus Christ!
  • There is also the key question of what Left Unity’s representatives will do if and when they secure access to the media. Since I never saw what you have said in the media, or possibly I’ve forgotten what you said, I can’t comment.
  • However, at this stage the differences of opinions within Left Unity are so stark that one person’s representative will have a section of the 9,000 signatories pulling their hair out in exasperation. This is key.
  • ‘Leftists’ such as Tom Walker who want to surrender to the bourgeois ‘common sense’ peddled by all the above capitalists parties (including post-Clause Four Labour), SKY News, BBC News Channel, Channel Four News have nothing to offer when there are debates. Tom Walker’s indifference to the capitalist veto when it comes to production can offer voters nothing but the trading off of the legitimate political and economic rights of one oppressed group to appease some other, equally deserving group.
  • Alternatively, Tom Walker et al can opt for the bourgeois economics which is Keynesian-style borrowing, a la Ed Balls. That is a road to nowhere. Voters are not going to swallow these policies. And even if they did, as happened in France, their commitment to the capitalist system would simply provoke justified hatred of the organisation, who had proven themselves liars or idiots. They would merely provide the exploited and oppressed with yet another stepping stone on the path to a military coup, police state, or Golden Dawn-style barbarism.
  • Money has to come from somewhere, Salman, and all the critics of the Socialist Platform are being disingenuous in pretending they can balance the books without making an assault on the rate of profit. It is us or them, comrades.
  • Unless you challenge that exploiters’ veto that is the capitalist rate of profit, then you have nothing to offer the working class or the oppressed. That is an indisputable fact.
  • Unless you ‘fess up to the incompatibility of the needs of the working class and all the oppressed and the needs of capital accumulation by a class of unaccountable parasites whose entire income is unearned income, then you will get nowhere in the real world. There is simply no space in a crowded first-past-the-post electoral system for yet another capitalist party, alongside Labour, Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP, nationalist parties as well as the Greens.
  • Do we or do we not rearrange the deckchairs on a capitalist Titanic drowning in an ocean of debt; not just in the United Kingdom, but across the entire planet. Or do we want to alert the mass of humanity to what is going on in the capitalist system, that we are heading back to the 1930s, with the alternatives of socialism or barbarism, working class self-emancipation or the crushing of of the democratic rights of the masses, by means of the police, army, and extra-parliamentary thugs like Golden Dawn or the EDL?
  • Only the BRICS countries have any hope of keeping their heads above water. The rest of the capitalist world can only scramble to the lifeboats. And the majority can only escape the capitalist tsunami heading our way if we identify who our enemies are. They are using the police to protect their access to these life boats, and the masses cannot let them get away with this.
  • Socialists know about this. We have a moral responsibility to tell the truth, rather than to keep our heads down because it is hard to get the message across in 140 characters, and the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News refuse to help us make our case.
  • Left Unity is socialist or it is nothing. Left Unity cannot defeat capitalism if we wait for the working class to see through the capitalist media of their own accord.
  • It is ludicrous that someone like Tom Walker, who so recently posed as a disciple of Rosa Luxemburg to justify his betrayal of everything he had previously argued about Lenin, is now trying to drag the majority of Left Unity into the politics of Eduard Bernstein, the politics Lenin and Luxemburg spent their entire political lives arguing against.
  • Socialists in contemporary Britain today are like Galileo under house arrest. I say we break out of this prison.
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