Letter from Douglas Alexander MP:


douglas-alexander-letter-to-me-img unedited with address there edited with my address removed

I received this letter from my MP, Douglas Alexander a few days ago. He is still on holiday and I have asked his secretary to set up an urgent meeting with me to discuss the issues I want him to investigate on my behalf. In the first place, it is a shame he contacted Renfrewshire Council before discussing this with me. As I have made clear to his secretary yesterday (and again today), I am alleging criminal behavior by those he has been in touch with and who have reassured my MP that they are working with me. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are up to their necks in criminal behavior and I won’t be satisfied until they are exposed for the criminals that they are.

They have sent staff out to see me on three separate occasions in the last few days, every single time subjecting me to abuse, and laughing at me for being unable to offer any corroboration of how they are treating me. Both my advocate and my MP’s secretary have, I am told, been in touch with the Housing Manager and social worker who came out to see me, again without my having my advocate to protect me from what they are doing.

The two who came out today insisted I answer the door to them without my having my advocate, which they know is illegal in the circumstances. And, having reduced me to a nervous wreck, they shoved a letter and a card through my letterbox, and both refused to let me read either these things despite being fully aware that my attention deficit disorder requires them to give me some time to check out what this latest piece of abuse consisted of.

These atrocious individuals then walked away. I immediately contacted both my advocate and my MP, or his secretary. My advocate was not available, but I think for the first time ever I managed to get through to my advocate’s office. I explained what had happened, and read the letter and card to my advocate’s colleague. The letter stuck through my door says these two Renfrewshire Council employees are going to break into my home at 2:30pm today. I was given about three hours notice, and I have been panicking ever since.

After I spoke to my advocate’s colleague, who promised to try to get in touch with him immediately by text, I phoned Douglas Alexander’s office. I was told that she thinks Social Work and Housing might be rushing repairs through to appease me after my MP got in touch. However, when I told his secretary threatening to break in to my home, when they knew their abuse had rendered me suicidal is a peculiar way to ‘help’ me, she had to agree. I am sick of these people. I want their behavior investigated and I want the guilty punished.

I will say more later. I have to log off as these creeps are on their way to break into my home. Again.


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