Renfrewshire Council’s abuse is giving me a heart condition?

Renfrewshire Council staff are repeatedly turning up at my door and abusing me. They refuse to go through my advocate despite having been told by a support worker from Scottish Autism that we went to the Citizens Advice Bureau and were told that, given how Renfrewshire Council have behaved towards me going all the way back to January 1999, I did not need to speak to anyone from Renfrewshire Council other than with an advocate who knew about my legal rights.

I have explained on my blog, and extensively on Twitter that a consequence of the abuse and criminal behavior of Renfrewshire Council staff I have been driven to think about killing myself. Despite Renfrewshire Council having known about this going all the back to 2005, they have paid people to trick me into thinking they were getting me counseling to deal with these feelings. For the last eight years Renfrewshire Council have stringed me along, pretending they were trying to get me that counseling but lying through their teeth. They paid an individual to go along with me to my GP and he lied through his teeth to my GP, telling her that he knew nothing about my suicidal feelings, which he was aware I had shared often with my close to ten thousand followers on Twitter and on blogs going back for years, one of which had quarter of a million hits and, regularly, close to 1,000 hits a day, before it got closed down.

Today Renfrewshire Council are sending out yet more contract workers, and have agreed that they won’t get access to my home without the presence of my advocate. I told my advocate on the telephone yesterday that the contract workers who drilled a hole through my living room wall a week or two ago may be responsible for the fact my internet connection disappeared for many hours yesterday. I can’t prove it, of course. And it did return a few hours after I spoke to my advocate. Anyway, I’m not looking forward to this meeting this afternoon. This, however, is an aside.

Why have I blogged today? I want to draw readers of this blog, and my twitter followers, maybe an investigative journalist or two, what I reminded my advocate yesterday: In addition to driving me to suicidal feelings, Renfrewshire Council staff may be causing me to get a heart condition. I have explained four times to Renfrewshire Council staff who turned up at my door, threatening to use the law to break into my home (as they have done previously) unless I agreed to see them without any witness, without any advocate with legal expertise to stop them breaking the law, which is something they have done repeatedly going all the way back to January 1999.

I reminded my advocate on the telephone yesterday about this email correspondence about how Renfrewshire Council’s behavior is creating stress when they abuse me through my letterbox, denying me any witnesses to what they are doing. Given that my member of parliament, Douglas Alexander MP, has sent me a letter to tell me he has received reassurances that Renfrewshire Council Housing Dept and Social Work Dept are working with me and will continue to do so, I trust he will agree to set up a meeting with one of his constituents who is alleging that those who gave Douglas Alexander this reassurance was lying through their teeth and I need my MP to get an investigation into the criminal activities of these people.

Here is my email correspondence, which I need to edit, to give this individual anonymity. Having said that, I have complained to his employers about his own behavior, and I need him to be investigated to, investigated for criminal behavior:

Hi *****,

If you are interested in the physical assault I told you about on the phone, here is the first of my blog entries on this:


From: ***** ***** <*************@*******.**>
To: ***** ******** <*****.********@****.***>
Sent: Monday, 11 February 2013, 15:56
Subject: my heart is still beating faster due to stress caused by today’s meeting: Re: My physical health. Heart, hearing and other things…

hi *****,
went to send you an email and discovered this. forget about my hearing problem that we never spoke about at that meeting today. i do not know what the cause of that was but it seems to have gone away all on its own. i suspect it must have been a problem with a build up of wax deep inside the ear. whatever the problem was it may return. don’t want to waste the doctor’s time with this when there are so many more important things to take to the doctor. firstly there is my heart [emphasis added today, to bring Douglas Alexander MP up to speed that I tried to get my GP to check my heart condition caused by stress caused by Renfrewshire Council abuse. TD].
this email refers to a potential heart problem in the heading. i want to see a doctor about this because the stress from today’s meeting has my heart beating fast. i am sweating like a pig. and am shaking. i do not think it is fair that i am placed under this stress. renfrewshire council knows that i refuse to speak to any of their employees other than in the presence of an advocate. a consequence of being placed in that situation has lead to the kind of stress that could be exacerbating a health problem. i just wanted to send you an email to that effect.

From: ***** ********<*******@********.***>
To: ***** ********<*****.********@****.***>
Sent: Monday, 21 January 2013, 15:59
Subject: My physical health. Heart, hearing and other things…

Hi *****,
Since you asked about my physical health, I remembered things I wanted to tell you but got distracted by other things.
Since you left a problem has come back that wasn’t there since I got up today. I was meaning to tell  you about this since I think I need to see the doctor about this. A few days ago when I got up I found my hearing was virtually gone in my right ear. Maybe it is a build up of wax. I hope it is not serious. It has come and gone since that day. I had it yesterday but not all that long and it wasn’t as bad as it was the first day. Since you left it has come back again, but not as bad as it has been at its worst.
Another thing. I am not sure what the cause of this is but I had discomfort in my chest a few days ago. I hve not been taking great care of my body and since I got access to hot food and stocked up on emergency supplies in case I lost my cooker again I have been eating the wrong food. I have been gorging myself. I have been eating obsessively. I think this might be the cause of the pains I got. I am sufficiently anxious to consider seeing a doctor. I don’t know whether I should go or not.
I have probably been getting food poisoning by cooking chicken at the wrong temperature and for an insufficient amount of time. l do not know how to set the microwave correctly.
That will do for now. But I will probably add more later.
P.S. Could you email me an electronic version of that form?

From: ***** **********<*********@*********.***>
To: ***** ******** <*****.********@****.***>
Sent: Sunday, 13 January 2013, 12:28

Hi *****,

As I told you by phone last Thursday (10 January 4:12pm) my microwave has gone on fire. Since I have no cooker, the microwave was the only means I had of cooking food. I am starving and have been for days.

As you are aware, due to my agoraphobia I don’t go out. Even if I could I wouldn’t be able to carry a microwave back from the shops.

Renfrewshire Council know I won’t let any of their employees or anyone else into my home without my keeping an eagle-eye on. Because of all the criminality that has gone on in the past thanks to Renfrewshire Council employees, I have no option but to insist on that. But the two workmen you told me I had to let in were given unrestricted to my kitchen without my being able to watch what they did. And now I have no means of eating cooked meals and haven’t had any for days.

Renfrewshire Council have letters sent by me, sent by registered post (something I was forced to do due to their refusal to pay the slightest attention to anything I tell them, and also to pretend they never received letters I sent them and/or have no record of the letters I hand delivered to their office in Cotton Street). The letters sent by registered post (or some of them) were responded to by their lawyers, providing me with added confirmation that they did receive them, and also read them.

In these letters, I have referred to criminal actions by Renfrewshire Council staff and contract workers they forced me to let into my home. This has happened on more than one previous occasion.

I will be raising this matter with the social worker the next time I am forced (against my will) to spend time with her.  She should be aware that I intend to add this latest infringement of my rights to the very long list of things I’m going to sue Renfrewshire Council for.

I will be suggesting to the social worker that it is not a coincidence that I can now have no hot meals days after Renfrewshire Council saw to it that they had unrestricted access to my kitchen without my being able to keep an eye on exactly what they were doing.

By the way, I have smelt burning ever since the day those workmen were in my home, whenever I put the microwave on. I couldn’t see any flames but I could tell there was something wrong. Before it went on fire on Thursday, I noticed the light on the indicator flickered on an off. Electrical fires are dangerous. I don’t know what the workmen did, but if they are responsible what the did was not merely criminal but potentially life-threatening.

Either way, they had no legal right to unrestricted access to my home without my being able to watch exactly what they were doing. I know this for an absolute fact because the Citizens Advice Bureau told me they couldn’t do that. I was accompanied by a support worker from Scottish Autism when the CAB worker told me this.

Tom Delargy

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